The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

ARC Forum – Economy must be improving

Though I was only at the ARC Forum for the first day and was tied up in meetings for most of the day it was easy to see the energy level was much higher than last year.

Read Industrial Networking Q1

Do not slip up on security. That's the message from Executive Editor Jim Montague in the latest covers story for industrial Networking, which offers advice on how to keep your network safe.

Automation Standards Listings

How often does each of us wonder “is there a standard for that?” I know practically every project that I work on is driven by standards – either project specific and most often related to another standard from a standard developing organisation such as ISA or the IEC.

Industrial Networking E-News is Back!

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IFPAC - Process Analyzer Connections

I have just returned from the 25th IFPAC conference in Baltimore in part to renew my Process Analyser roots and acquaintances but mostly to see how the technology has evolved in the past few years and has expected it has migrated to smaller, faster, smarter minimally invasive instruments -minimally invasive...

Overloaded Data Pipes

HAPPY NEW YEAR and therefore it is an appropriate to take a quick look at one of the “things” that might be affecting us sooner than we might want.

Future Field Interfaces?

I am sure that many of you if you do not have one already have a e-book reader on your wish list for later this week – agreement on a standard format is another issue altogether and the reason I have not yet taken the plunge (well that and libraries...

The Human Network – Kuwait

I have just returned from an enjoyable two weeks in Kuwait where I was teaching SAIT’s Certified FF Professional course to a corporate client and what it did reinforce was that the most important network we can all join is the Human Network, so watch for more similar themed posts...

Changing the guard at Fieldbus Foundation

A little late, however I just found out that now that John Berra has officially retired, Dr. Gunther Kegel has been elected the chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation Board of Directors.  John was chairman for 16 years – basically since the beginning.

Antennas – Wireless Achilles Heel?

While attending the WirelessHART seminar a while back we had a discussion about potential vulnerabilities and challenges with Wireless devices in classified areas and surprisingly or upon further consideration maybe not so much of a surprise, one of the real challenges faced by manufacturers is how to make the antenna...