The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Brazil Automation ISA 2010

I was in Brazil this past week to participate in the ISA District 4 Leadership Conference and was also able to attend the opening day of the ISA 2010 Conference and Exhibition. There were over 100 exhibitors on the show floor and 6 parallel programming tracks associated with the conference.

Year one down – Many more to come

November 1 was the first anniversary of I-A-N and coincidentally the same day I was at my accountant to find out not only how much corporate tax I had to pay for 2010 but more importantly confirming if I was indeed operating a successful company.

Future of Instrumentation Workshop

Oakridge National Laboratory is hosting the above workshop November 8 – 10 at their facilities in Oakridge Tennessee with the intent of focusing on the Future of Instrumentation.

Automation Week 2010

I have just returned from ISA Automation Week in Houston – a radical change in format for the traditional Fall Exhibition and Conference.  Automation Week changed to more closely follow the model of several of the successful Spring symposia run by ISA Divisions with an emphasis on the conference with...

WirelessHART Seminar – GREAT investment

I attended the WirelessHART seminar presented in Edmonton this week by Chuck Micallef, Jim Cobb, and Eric Olson to learn a bit more about how it all works and was certainly glad I made the effort.

Fall = Convention Season

One sure sign that Fall is arriving, other than the return to school is all the conventions that are scheduled during September through November. The busy season always seems to be the Spring (April through mid-June) and then again this time of year.

Telecommunications Technology Watch

We all know that the line between the technology being used in the office environment and the field or at least the control system infrastructure / backhaul is getting thinner every day AND that the time between when an innovation gets used in one place before it becomes established in...

Automation in Chile

I was very happy to hear that all the miners trapped in the mine in Chile are alive as it was one of the topics on people’s minds while I was there last week, that and sharing with me the occasional evidence of the recent earthquake.

Expo Automatización 2010 – Chile’s True Automation event

I “just” got in from the above event here in Santiago and despite its size it truly was an automation event with a mixture of both process and factory automation – indicative of the type of industry driving the Chilean economy which is predominantly mining.

A Meshing we will go

It is now only a matter of time before all our wireless devices will be connected to each other. Much like your Bluetooth device is always looking for new connections, IEEE 802.11s will make it possible for you to mesh your IEEE 802.11 device to other similar devices and create...