Manufacturing 2020

Where Does Innovation Come From?

It has been a busy summer.  For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of pretending to be a venture capitalist. Earlier this year I joined a local organization called the IT Entrepreneurs Network (ITEN) as a mentor.

So Why aren’t Wireless Smart Sensors More Prevalent?

Last week in the San Francisco Bay area two conferences were going on that had significant machine-to-machine content.  Connected World, the magazine, sponsors its M2M conference every year and after a more than a decade in the Chicago area it moved to Santa Clara, CA.  At the same time ABB’s...

The Difference Between Process Control & Management

According to Webster control is “to exercise restraining or directing influence over” whereas manage is “to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of”.  Subtle but distinctly different.  While process control may be necessary to ensure safety and proper operation it is process management that makes money for t

Day 3 - MRO Materials and Asset Reliability Symposium

The conference wrapped up on Thursday with morning sessions.  The first session covered Maturity assessment and was presented by Mary Ahner of The Sinclair Group.  Some key points raised during the session were 1) You must perform your assessment across the business - piecemeal assessment leads to piecemeal optimization, 2)...

Day Two - MRO Materials and Asset Reliability Symposium

Day two of the MRO symposium, the first full day, kicked off with a presentation by the ex-head of Maintenance for Dow Chemicals, now the founder of the Sinclair Group.  Hank Sinclair related how he took his 30+ years of experience at Dow and is using it to help other...

Day One - MRO Materials and Asset Reliability Symposium

Some 100 + attendees are gathering in St.

NIST Study on KPIs Offers Manufacturers an Opportunity to Contribute

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is conducting research into how manufacturers use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve manufacturing productivity.  The study is being conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss and a press release detailing the study follows:

Is There a Potential for a Manufacturing Software Productivity Stepchange?

So why do I think we are potentially on the cusp of a integration breakthrough in manufacturing?

Hitchhiking and 2020

This post was supposed to be about why the SMLC initiatives might deliver a step change in manufacturing productivity when past efforts have fallen short but that will have to wait until the next post.

Is Now the Time?

In my previous post I suggested that manufacturing might be at a point where we can make a step-change in productivity.  Unlike the past 20-25 years where it seems we have struggled with the integration of process control and business systems and deriving value from that integration recent advances in...