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New Blogger for "Hitchhiking..." blog #danmiklovic #mes #pauto

I am pleased to report that in a few weeks, this blog, probably with a new name, will be the blogosphere home of Dan Miklovic, who many will remember as a founder and Fellow of the Industrial Computing Society, and for many years a Vice President at Gartner Group, specializing...

Manufacturing Operations Management training now available! #mfg #manufacturing #pauto #automation @MESA

From our sometime Hitchhiker blogger, Charlie Gifford:


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Discount for WBF members--

All WBF members are entitled to the discount for Automation Federation membership:

An important announcement from WBF and OMAC

This is Walt Boyes, hijacking the good ship "Hitchhiking..." for a moment to pass on an important announcement from WBF and OMAC: The WBF Working Group Committee would like your help to advance automation across industries, yourcareer, and your company! The Committee sponsors work groups that will develop a deliverable...