Manufacturing 2020

Yes, There is an EXPENSIVE Large Skills Gap in Industrial IT in the U.S., Europe and the World

Hello All, Just got back from teaching in S. Korea the MESA Global Education Program's MES/MOM Methodology Program. This class had 22 YOUNG engineers in the class. Most were between 28 and 32. Most were end users and system integrators.

Business Process Management is not Operations Process Management

Many (most)corporate IT folks are talking about the cloud and business process management (BPM) as the next savior for manufacturing companies. But most enterprise vendors, system integrators (SIs) and IT end users have not recognized the critical requirement that BPM must have a semantic manufacturing information model to aggregate plant-side...

ARC Forum in February Was Highly Optimistic

Hello, all, I am still getting going on this blog, so I'm a month late with this one. But I wanted to mention this.  From February 6-9, I attended the ARC Forum in Orlando. It was the best conference of any kind in eight years. Over 600 people, more end users than others.

Business Process Management vs. Operations Process Management

To date, many corporate IT and business people have never recognized the critical requirement that business process management (BPM) and especially operations process management (OPM) for real-time work process sequencing must have a semantic manufacturing data model to aggregate master data and instance data from level 2 to 3 to...

Charlie Gifford Is Back

Hello All, I am back to actively driving the discussion in this blog.  I have been riding the waves of the global economic crisis by working and teaching all over the world over the last 3 years.  The net of this time was a lot of hard work.  As the...

Participate in the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Work Group

Hello All,I am finally moving forward with ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0 after a 2 year break.  Book 1.0 was great success.  Many companies and industry analysts have made it required educational reading.  To build on this in Book 2.0, we, as the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group, will chose...

Have global manufacturing made volunteer-based standards groups obsolute?


Selling MOM Solutions to Risk Adverse Businesses

Selling MOM Solutions to Risk Adverse Businesses By Utilizing Performance-based ROI Guarantee and Contracts

The Big 3 and UAW must discover the flexible knowledge worker

For the Big 3 and UAW to compete globally, they must change their monolithic manufacturing methods to adaptive manufacturing like Nissan who was the only auto manufacturer to make their 08 sales projection.   Why?  Nissan’s newest plants are able to adapt to market change by making 2-5 models across lines...

NIST & end users must bring STEP & OPEN O&M together

Hello All. Sorry for long gap. Today I want to discuss ISO 10303, the standard for the exchange of product (STEP) model data, and how ISO and the OPEN Operations and Maintenance (Open O&M) are not working together, but must do so.