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Short Term ROI Killing America

Hello All, From Lean Blog from November, I found this great posting how short term ROI is killing America. The example provide great perspective. At 6:59 AM, November 15, 2007, Norman Bodek said... Inventory to Mr. Ohno was the biggest waste and he started a lot of his initial efforts...

Why Are Some Manufacturers Not Getting Interoperability?

As some of you may know, I am one of the consultants and standards leaders who is forming the Industrial Interoperability Compliance Institute. I have talked to over 100 companies of all kinds: end users, vendors and system integrators. Many of these companies are among the top 100 global manufacturers.

Did you see the Market Intelligence Report: Process Control Software?

Hello All, Well I have been lost in space again. It has been an interesting month with my clients and vacation. I am now back with my feet on the ground and blogging will be picking up.

Is ROI for Mfg Operations Systems required.

Sometimes. Many and most manufacturers require some kind of Capital Expenditure (CapEx) justification where somekind of ROI has to be constructed for any IT project over a given amount, say $100K. Some process are better than others but only 15% actually measure results according to MESA International.

Why is manufacturing growing in Western and Eastern Europe and not in the U.S.

A study by AMR in Q4 2007 compared the percentage of manufacturing revunue for each continent for 2007 and 2012. As expected, it showed that the North American dropping form 83% to 62%, and Asia increasing from 11% to 28%.

The first annual Manufacturing IT Forum brings great content, no attendance

Lask week on May 20-21 in Cleveland, I spoke at the first annual Manufacturing IT Forum hosted by ISA. Overall, the content and form was excellent, but the attendance was small. The forum was a series of panels hosted by representitives of the five top magazine in the manufacturing operations...

Setting Up the Manufacturing/IT Project to Fail

Hello All, Be nice to your mother and wife today. I am going to discuss how end users are setting themself up for failure or delayed success in implementing manufacturing operations management systems. It starts by not recognizing and realizing that a plant's capacity should not be based on head...

Time to Wrestle, Not Dance Around the Need for a MOM Implementation Standard

"The art of life is more like the wrestler's art than the dancer's." The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (reigned from 161 AD to 180 AD) was perhaps the only true philosopher-king in the history of the world. He formulated his pantheist Stoic beliefs with a passionate religious conviction.

TRULY Revolutionary Product Reviewed at Austin 95 Meeting.

So while I was participating in the ISA-95 in Austin virtually from Idaho, IBM presented a short overview (attached) of itsr new product, Reference Semantic Model. RSM provides the first comprehensive set of MOM standards templates for IBM's (and others) new manufacturing services bus products.

No End user comments at the AUSTIN 95 MTG

Hello All, Again, I am getting lost in the high demand for systems and methods for implementing MOM systems and methods by companies to transform their production capability from Make-to-Stock paper-based manufacturing to the 21st Century "TO BE" adaptive manufacturing form. I need to provide this blog more time.