Manufacturing 2020

Industrial Business Process Management?

As manufacturing companies transform their linear, primarily continental supply chain of the 20th century to a "necessary to complete" globally distributed supply networks and exchanges, they are realizing that their IT infrastructure must change. Most companies have isolated systems for each department with hard-coded interfaces between the applications to support...

Who is MOM or MES sold to?

Many vendors and integrators ask me who should be targeted in a manufacturering company and how to sell MOM or MES solutions. You can target heads of manufacturing (production director, operations director, etc), middle ‘manufacturing’ management (production/manufacturing/engineering managers), financial directors or the executive level.

MOM/MES has double digit growth, WBF does not

Hello All and Good Day, So last week the usual industry protagonists and innovators attended; BUT the number was less than 150. WHY, WHY WHY are 500 people not at this conference? This conference, year to year, has better content than any analyst, vendor or standards conference. Please tell me.

How Do We Solve the Manpower Problem?

Hello All, Sorry for long pause. I was on a wonderful vacation with my family for spring break. I am currently at the WBF Conference in Philadelphia. Tonight was the Process Automation Hall of Fame Dinner. One of new members was Vernon Trevathan.


I voiced the following opinion at the last ISA-95 meeting and then last week on the ISA-95 List server. Bottom Line: The standard is getting widely used but is getting updated with no or very limited end-user input.

How Bloody Will Crossing the Chasm Be for Mfg/IT Vendors?

Geoffrey A Moore's book, Crossing the Chasm, is happening now and over the next couple of years for MES or MOM software vendors. Manufacturers are finally spending big IT dollars to install manufacturing operations systems in their plants and integrate them into their enterprise business proceses.

Ask the right question about support and VOC

If you are an end user and consider purchasing a manufacturing operations systems or if you already own one, what questions do you ask your software vendor? All MOM and industrial software vendors offer or require a 20%-25% maintenance fee per year. Ask some specific questions: 1.

Euro exchange rate makes US system integrators a great deal

As some of you may know, I recently left a large company to work for myself as an independent manufacturng operations system consultant. Along with Dennis Brandl and other members of the WBF 88 committee and 95 committee, I am leading the effort to form the Industrial Interoperability Compliance Institute (IICI).

MOM/MES must become an operational expense for midmarket growth

There is really no such thing as an "average" plant. But if we call an average plant's MOM or MES solution a system with 200 nodes spread across 10 process cells or production lines (20 nodes or clients per line) on a single server that is doing production order tracking,...

MES vs. MOM vs. MOS vs. POM

As for the term MES, it is a term that was defined by AMR, 15 years but does a very bad job describing the actual functionality set in general or in a vertical industry way. It is the most highly misunderstood term in manufacturing software.