Manufacturing 2020

The Need for Speed (on Wireless Networks for Control)

Currently there is a limitation to do true contol with wireless technology. What are the barriers we face to get to true control with wireless?

Can DCS HMI impact operator performance

Many recent accidents have clearly identified the contribution of bad alarm management practices as a major contribution. Action has been taken by regulators, standards bodies and customer forums to provide good guidance on alarm improvement, targets have been set through organizations like EEMUA who have effectively raised the bar in...

Automated Processes, Monitoring Systems and Sustainable Efforts in the Social Media World

See how the social media mega-giant Facebook uses an advanced monitoring system and one single technician to maintain more than 15,000 servers. Facebook's Forest City, North Carolina data center runs like a large automated factory.

Control Room Lighting

Many automation projects are created and implemented without attention to control room lighting. Has anyone done any studies to find out what the best way to operate is? What's going to keep down eye strain but keep the operators awake?

Safety Function Blocks

Are you comfortable using advanced safety logic that is embedded in a safety system? Having pre-engineered MooN or CEM function blocks can save engineering and testing time, but deviates from the traditional code-intensive approach. If the supplier is IEC 61508 certified, do you have confidence that the advanced safety function...

Back to the Future - Process Visualisation

Way back when a control room consisted of row upon row of ink-and-pen chart recorders and dials on panels in the walls. An experienced operator just needed to stand in the middle of the room and spin through 360 degrees to get a feel for what was happening (they did...

When and Why Should We Use a Wireless Transmitter System vs. Hardwired? When Should We Not Use a Wireless System?

This post originally appeared in "The Process Automation Usability Project" forum. It was posted by the user ctruempi.

Malware Attack on RasGAs in the Middle East

Qatar-based liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer RasGas reported in early September that malware shut down part of its computer system. This was the latest cybersecurity attack in the Middle East region after the attack on the computer network of a state owned oil producer in Saudi Arabia.

Manufacturing Jobs on American Soil. As Easy as Hitting the Print Button

Interesting video on how two start-up companies here in the United States are creating jobs in our neighborhoods. These companies use innovative ideas they gather from their global social media communities to bring a product concept to life.

How Can We End America's Manufacturing Skills Deficiency?

Between 2001 and 2009, the United states lost 6 million manufacturing jobs, however, since then, there has been a slow but growing economic recovery proving that American manufacturing is not a thing of the past. Today, U.S.