Manufacturing 2020

The Myth of the Objective Analyst

In the previous post I commented that end-users valued analysts because they provided an un-biased and objective assessment of a vendors strengths and challenges or of a technologies value or speed of adoption.  Is that really true - are analysts truly objective?  Having been in the industry for fifteen years...

The Value of Analysts

So if analysts are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the proliferation of acronyms, in light of today’s ready access to information on the internet, do analysts still have value?

Digital Natives don’t need Acronyms

In my previous post I explained the birth of acronyms and why they still seem to try and make their way into the technology lexicon.  Now lets examine why acronyms do more harm than good.  The first time this became evident to me was when I spent 90 minutes on...

Enough with the TAFLAs!

What is a TAFLA - try Three And Four Letter Acronyms.  It is time to put an end to acronyms.  They have outlived their usefulness.  They do more harm than good.  First a little history.  Many acronyms, particularly three letter ones like ERP, MES and EAM, came about in the...

Why Manufacturing 2020?

I chose the title for this blog based on the dual meanings of 2020. First of all the year 2020 isn't all that far away yet there is doubt that many manufacturers, particularly in the developed world, will survive to see 2020.

New Blogger for "Hitchhiking..." blog #danmiklovic #mes #pauto

I am pleased to report that in a few weeks, this blog, probably with a new name, will be the blogosphere home of Dan Miklovic, who many will remember as a founder and Fellow of the Industrial Computing Society, and for many years a Vice President at Gartner Group, specializing...

The Need for Speed (on Wireless Networks for Control)

Currently there is a limitation to do true contol with wireless technology. What are the barriers we face to get to true control with wireless?

Can DCS HMI impact operator performance

Many recent accidents have clearly identified the contribution of bad alarm management practices as a major contribution. Action has been taken by regulators, standards bodies and customer forums to provide good guidance on alarm improvement, targets have been set through organizations like EEMUA who have effectively raised the bar in...

Automated Processes, Monitoring Systems and Sustainable Efforts in the Social Media World

See how the social media mega-giant Facebook uses an advanced monitoring system and one single technician to maintain more than 15,000 servers. Facebook's Forest City, North Carolina data center runs like a large automated factory.

Control Room Lighting

Many automation projects are created and implemented without attention to control room lighting. Has anyone done any studies to find out what the best way to operate is? What's going to keep down eye strain but keep the operators awake?