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Langner says it isn't a bug, so don't expect vendor patches-- details on Stuxnet research #cyber #stuxnet #langnercommunications

From Ralph this morning: (bolding by your humble editor)

Another Stuxnet release from Ralph Langner #pauto #stuxnet #ics #acsconference #cybersecurity

From the press release from Langner Communications:

Press Release: Langner Communications on Stuxnet #pauto #cyber #ics #acscyberworkshop

From the release:

Declassified story: USB hack successful on government net in 2008 #pauto #cybersecurity #ICS

The Washington Post is reporting that a senior defense department official, William J. Lynn III, writing in Foreign Affairs magazine has declassified and disclosed a cyber attack on US Government (military) computers and networks propagated by a USB stick, loaded onto a US military laptop in the Middle East in 2008.

Cyber Forensics-- at long, long last

Finally, something Joe Weiss and I have been talking about, begging for, and even shouting about for several years in this blog has come to pass. I personally am delighted to see Lofty Perch beginning to see the importance of forensics.

New Patch from Microsoft for .LNK SCADA vulnerability

According to the Channel Insider blog, Microsoft has released an out-of-band patch (MS10-046) that attempts to repair the .LNK vulnerability that has been used to attack Siemens S7, PCS7 and WinCC-based HMI systems.

BREAKING NEWS! - Siemens releases virus detection tool #pauto #siemens #cybersecurity

From Mike Krampe at Siemens:

So what should we do about security? #pauto #cybersecurity

OK, faced with the Siemens vulnerability, which could have been anybody else's vulnerability just as easily, what should we do?

Here's the latest update from Siemens #pauto #cybersecurity #CIP

Just received from Michael Krampe, spokesman for Siemens Industry:

A Network Security Expert's View of the Siemens Exploit #pauto #siemens #cybersecurity

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