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Latest Aurora information – this affects ANY electric utility customer with 3-phase rotating electric equipment!

There have been numerous discussions about cyber risk within NERC, the utilities, and ICS equipment suppliers. Aurora is an unresolved risk that could have significant impact on the utilities, suppliers of relay protection devices, and utility customers with 3-phase rotating equipment.

Building the Next System Capable of Fending Off the Next Stuxnet Attack on Industrial Control Systems

Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab seeks a developer and analyst to create an operating system that could dissuade the next Stuxnet attack on industrial control systems. Currently, Kaspersky Lab wants to hire professionals with experience in programming PCS and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, implementing industrial networking and...

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This month we introduce the newest three members of the Process Automation Hall of Fame. We also bust some myths about Foundation fieldbus, explore when to use guided-wave radar, and hear an argument in favor of multiple standards for the same technology. Access our issue now.

SCADA in the Cloud Webinar

The SCADA in the Cloud webinar will highlight the importance of Cloud-based applications within the industry. Attendees will also learn how some end user companies have used Cloud-based SCADA to surge ahead in their field.

NIST and DOE still not distinguishing between IT and ICS

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Tofino Security article: SCADA Cyber Security Problems

SCADA Cyber Security Problems - Just How Common are the Programming Errors?

ACS 2011 Conference Summary - September 22

The final agenda can be found at www.realtimeacs.com There are several unique hallmarks of the conference:

ACS 2011 Conference Summary - September 21

The final agenda can be found at www.realtimeacs.com There are several unique hallmarks of the conference:

Control system cybersecurity

Is there really a lack of information about control system cybersecurity? Would you be willing to pay for outside help to address your cybersecurity issues? Would some sort of certification mechanism make you more willing hire this kind of expertise?

Industrial Defender empowers automation systems with sustainability of security and compliance management

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