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Severity Ratings…You must consider the context!

What do severity ratings REALLY mean? I read a blog on Digital Bond’s Bandolier project (www.digitalbond.com,

So where in cyberspace is the nuclear power community?

Where is the nuclear power community? It has been a year since Congressmen Bennie Thompson and James Langevin sent a letter to Chairman Klein of the NRC with a series of questions related to the Browns Ferry 3 Nuclear Plant Broadcast Storm incident.

Cyber Week in Review: May 19-23, 2008

The Week (May 19-23) in Review I thought Dale Peterson’s weekly review was a great idea so I have decided to do my own: Two major events occurred on either side of the country the same day - Congressional hearings on cyber security of the grid and Connectivity Week (Smart...

Galvin Electricity Initiative – is it really perfect power?

Tomorrow, Kurt Yeager, the ex CEO of EPRI and current Executive Director of the non-profit Galvin Electricity Initiative will provide one of the keynotes at Connectivity Week in Santa Clara. The Galvin Electricity Initiative is focused on transforming the reliability and value of U.S.

House holds more hearings on Grid cyber vulnerabilities

There will be a hearing May 21, 2:00 PM, 311 Cannon Building in Washington DC on “Implications of Cyber Vulnerabilities on the Resiliency and Security of the Electric Grid”. Expected witnesses: Joseph Kelliher, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Richard Sergel, Chief Executive Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)...

Counterfeit Cisco Routers…make your network’s day!

 talks about an FBI presentation posted on AboveTopSecret.com. He abstracts some slides from the original posting...but the original posting appears to be the entire Powerpoint presentation, including nam...

Control System Cyber Security and Auditors

Control System Cyber Security and Auditors

Electric Power 2008– is NERC CIP compliance a game?

I just returned from participating on a panel session at Electric Power 2008 in Baltimore. Electric Power 2008 is focused on electric power generation (not transmission and distribution). Consequently, it was fascinating to hear what the generation attendees felt about security and the NERC CIPs as well as to see...

Giving the Black Hats the keys to the store…

Training the Bad Guys Dale Peterson’s April 22nd blog had the following: “Jason Larsen’s presentation on SCADA and Control System hacking from Blackhat Federal 08 is now available.” There has been a prevailing view that control systems are secure because they are so arcane and obscure.