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The Power of Integration


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Up to SIS Standards?


Some 66% of the process control systems now in use globally were installed before publication of today's commonly used safety standards, IEC 61508 and IEC 61511/ISA 84. Here's how to tell if you safety systems are up to snuff.

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Information in Context


The potential and the power of integration lies in what can be achieved when information is made available, in context, to all of the devices, systems and individuals responsible for controlling, maintaining and managing production.

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A Shared Vision

Operator Effectiveness


Are you setting your operators up for success? The power of integration can transform your people into strategic assets. This report includes the results of an exclusive survey of Control readers on the overall state of operator effectiveness in the process industries.

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Featured White Papers

Assess Complex Process Situations

The concept of Mass Data Displays has been around for quite some time, however usage in the process industries has been limited due to the effort of configuration and calibration. This white paper will provide a summary of the work done at ABB Corporate Research in Ladenburg, Germany to develop and test tools that could provide efficient calibration of Mass Data Displays. Download now.

Transforming your data into actionable information

Since the early 1990s, manufacturers and vendors of automation or manufacturing software have been talking about the value of moving from "islands of information" to a collaborative model in which the right information is available to the right person, at the right time. While progress has been made to help manufacturers move in this direction, the reality is that many are still in a position similar to that of three decades ago. What is the situation in manufacturing today? And what products are available that can be used by a manufacturer as building blocks in a true collaborative environment? Download now.

PAS 55 and Enterprise Asset Management

Many of ABB's clients are involved in asset-intensive industries like mining, energy, public infrastructure and transportation. A holistic, efficient and whole life approach to the management of physical assets is vital to be able to manage costs and risk and align operations with business strategy. Download now.

Improving operations and maintenance with remote optimization

For companies in the power and water businesses, keeping plants running, and running efficiently, is of vital importance. Effective maintenance programs and finely tuned operations are two elements that are critical in achieving this goal. That is why companies are increasingly turning to remote services as a source of cost-effective and efficient expertise. Download now.

Collaborating in a New Dimension

New technology is being deployed into Control Rooms every day; technology that brings significant increases in productivity as well as the ability to troubleshoot and do root cause analysis. Download this white paper to learn more about how the application of 3-D technology at SCA's pulp and paper plant in Sweden enables operators and managers alike to visualize data in a way that is relevant to their job function. Download now.

Benefits of FF HSE with System 800xA

FOUNDATION Fieldbus High Speed Ethernet (FF HSE) has been a technology available to automation system suppliers since 1999, but very few of these suppliers have provided the full features and functionality offered by this technology to their clients. Download this white paper to learn how ABB's System 800xA utilizes FF HSE more extensively than other control systems. See how utilizing ABB's system, results in a true networked system that allows the process owner to design an overall control infrastructure that reflects both the functional and geographic requirements of the process. Download now to learn more.

The Business Value Proposition for AutomationCollaborative Process Automation Systems

Providing a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in Collaborative Process Automation Systems (CPAS), this book (published by ISA in 2009) discusses topics such as engineering, security, enterprise connectivity, advanced process control, plant asset management, and operator efficiency. This in-depth reference focuses on the differences between a CPAS and traditional automation systems. Implications on modern automation systems are outlined in theory and practice. This book is ideal for industrial engineers, as well as graduate students in control and automation. Buy Now.

The Power of Integration

In order to be competitive, various plant entities, departments and personnel have to work as one flexible, integrated, collaborative team. For this to be accomplished, an automation platform with incredible connectivity capabilities is necessary. Integration of systems and applications where all actionable information is available for use in the system can be provided to users in a variety of roles. System 800xA Extended Automation is an integration platform with unparalleled connectivity to enterprise and plant systems, applications, and devices that improves operations, engineering, control and maintenance and provides a collaborative environment where real-time decision making is a reality. This is the Power of Integration. Read more.

Key Articles

The Effective Operator

Operator effectiveness is a fundamental element for sustaining the economic value of process control and management. It can be improved by empowering operators through improved situational awareness and better handling of abnormal conditions. Download now.

The Challenge of Device Integration

Fieldbus integration can provide many benefits to users, yet, despite compatibility standards, there are risks that a system will not work correctly with a given device. A key goal of open vendor independent fieldbus technologies is to integrate devices from multiple manufacturers into automation systems. Theoretically, the implementation of fieldbus standards allows "plug-and-play" connectivity between a device and its automation system. Download now.

Integrated Electrical and Automation Systems

As process plants get larger and more complex, automation systems must handle an ever-increasing number of signals. At the same time, the number of electrical consumers increases, making an electrical control system essential. The electrical control system is an automation system in itself providing an interface between the process control and the electrical consumers and actuators. ABB takes responsibility for all these systems and their integration. By letting ABB handle the integration and all the interfaces, customers benefit from faster project execution, reduced re-engineering, higher quality, and higher operational efficiency. Read more.

Power to the Process

A single system for both Process and Power Automation can reduce investment cost by as much as 20%. Read more.

ABB Review: Special Report on IEC61850

Communication is more than exchanging data; it means globally understandable information based on syntax and semantic. This is behind IEC 61850, the topic of this issue of ABB Review Special Report. Download now.

Collaborative Process Automation Systems

ABB's automation system innovations have dramatically improved industrial productivity by expanding traditional automated control to provide a common platform for a plant's entire operations, from engineering to process optimization and asset management. Download now.

Experience the Power of Integration!

Today's technologies provide unprecedented integration capability for much more access to information throughout the plant than ever before; the integration of previously isolated systems offers tremendous opportunities to improve all aspects of the manufacturing operation. The materials in this Knowledge Center discuss the integration possibilities available today, and demonstrate how information from previously disconnected areas can be harnessed and used to improve efficiency and profitability.

Featured Products

System 800xASystem 800xA - The Power of Integration

Removing the barriers of traditional distributed control systems, System 800xA provides the integrated environment that is required to increase productivity while reducing risk and total cost of ownership.

System 800xA delivers the exact information and collaboration environment necessary for the formation and execution of sound business decisions. ABB's integration architecture, based on Aspect Object technology, relates all of your plant data, the Aspects, to the specific plant assets, the Objects. This architecture enables one click navigation, efficient engineering and presentation of the right information in the right context to the right user. Read more.

Podcasts and Videos

Automation and Power Integration

Collaboration between people and systems is necessary to increase engineering efficiency, asset utilization and operator effectiveness. System 800xA was built as an integration platform and has the power to engineer, commission, control and operator control strategies for process, power, electrical and safety in the same redundant reliable system.
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Integrated Information

Having a control system that provides an integration platform, like System 800xA, is central to having an effective alarm management strategy. Information can then be integrated from multiple sources, providing an overall view of the status of the plant. This consolidated view makes operators more effective and productive.
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Operator Effectiveness

Operator effectiveness is more than just one simple solution. It is a combination of products, strategies and programs. The four "pillars" of operator effectiveness - integrated system and applications, high performance design, attention to human factors and operator competency - all contribute to a control system environment that provides optimum operator efficiency.
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ABB The ABB Group ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Where to find us.
Safety & Security

Integrated safety delivers value while meeting standards

There are two sides to every story and for years, conventional wisdom has said that totally separate control and safety systems were the only way to go. Not so. Today, integrated offerings deliver benefits from reduced training and spare parts to common engineering, asset management and history while still meeting the applicable IEC and ISA standards.

Key Articles

Best Practices in Industrial Information System SecurityBest Practices in Industrial Information System Security

Modern automation systems provide high levels of interconnectivity, often implemented via commercial IT platforms that are vulnerable to electronic attack. This three-part tutorial explains security objectives, attack types and countermeasures; best practices in protecting against certain types of attacks, and emerging standards for automation system security. Download now

System 800xA Helps Wed Process Control and Safety

ABB reaps benefits of process control and safety integration  — without compromising either one.

Rapid growth of ABB's Safety Execution Centers underscores global demand for reliable safety solutions

Dedicated expert teams provide flawless safety project execution, solutions, consulting services

Best Practices in Industrial Information System SecurityFunctional Safety in Machinery - especially AC Drives

Configurable safety systems today can be used to realize numerous standard safety functions for drives according to EN 61800-5-2. Download now.

Videos and Podcasts

Integrated Approach to Process Safety

The System 800xA High Integrity safety system allows the safety system designer to choose the level of integration appropriate for the specific application and control philosophy. From fully segregated, to network integration to fully integrated within the same control hardware, 800xA HI enables users to improve operator effectiveness and promote collaboration through the Power of Integration. Watch now.

Value, Safety, and Security of State-Based Control

Walt Boyes talks with ABB's Dave Huffman about the value, safety and security of state-based control. Don't know what state-based control is? Then you should listen to this three part podcast and find out. Listen now.

For More Safety Video's Click Here.

Featured Products

AC 800M High IntegrityAC 800M High Integrity

AC 800M HI controller supported bycommon enginering tools, human system interface, historian, audit trail, asset and device management applications, and instrument; therby improving the overall integrity and reliability of BPCS and SIS operations. Read more.

S800 IO High IntegrityS800 IO High Integrity

S880 IO HI is a distributed, highly modulized and flexible I/O system, providing easy installation of I/O modules and processing cabling. Read more.

Pressure Transmitter Safety 2600T SeriesPressure Transmitter Safety 2600T Series

ABB offers a wide range of SIL-rated sensors, valve positioners and actuators from high integrity transmitters with full redundancy designed and certified by TUV against IEC 61508 requirements to standard transmitters with enhanced internal diagnostics to minimize the Probability of Failure on Demand. Read more.

The New Member of the Exd / ExP FamilyThe New Member of the Exd / ExP Family

TZID-C200 serves for easy installation in hazardous areas for both the explosion proof housing as well as its capability of being adapted to all common valves with either linear or rotary movement. Read more.

Featured White Papers

Rocky relationship between Safety and SecurityRocky relationship between Safety and Security

This paper will discuss the methods used to ensure that the integration between the safety system and the BPCS DO NOT compromise Functional Independence and define best practices to secure an industrial system and in particular safety systems in this integrated environment. Download now

Is Your Current Safety System Compliant to Today's Safety Standard? Is Your Current Safety System Compliant to Today's Safety Standard?

It is estimated that about 66% of the Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) running in the process industry were installed before the publication of today's commonly used safety standards (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511/ISA 84). This paper covers changes brought about by adoption of these standards and what it means to the installed base. Download now.

How to Secure Your Control SystemHow to Secure Your Control System

Process control systems have historically been operated in isolation or in a stand-alone fashion. Today, control systems are being connected to enterprise networks to allow business users access to real-time plant data. This integration, however, is not without its risks. Download now

Optimized Performance Throughout System Lifecycle with Integrated Safety SystemsOptimized Performance Throughout System Lifecycle with Integrated Safety Systems

Amidst the continued heated discussion on the pros and cons of integrated safety systems market demand  — driven by the pursuit of reduced cost, operational excellence and engineering efficiencies  — continue to fuel the inevitable integration efforts. This white paper will discuss integrated safety system solutions. Download now.

Diverse Redundancy Used in SIS Technology to Achieve Higher Safety IntegrityDiverse Redundancy Used in SIS Technology to Achieve Higher Safety Integrity

SIS logic solver technologies use hardware fault tolerance to improve safety integrity. Higher integrity levels can usually be achieved by implementing identical or diverse redundancy. Diverse redundancy refers to the use of two or more different systems, which are built using different components, algorithms, electronics, design methodology etc. to perform the same task. One benefit of diverse redundancy is the increased capabilities to reduce common mode and systematic failures such as those caused by design flaws. Download this white paper to learn more about the use of diverse redundancy as a defense against hidden dangerous faults. Download now.

Why the Architecture of Safety Systems Doesn't MatterWhy the Architecture of Safety Systems Doesn't Matter

"More" may be "Less" when applied to Safety Systems Architecture. Have the terms DMR, TMR and Quad become irrelevant in your safety system building vocabulary? Download this white paper to learn why categorizing the new generation of systems by its hardward architecture should be avoided. Download now.

Why the Architecture of Safety Systems Doesn't MatterSystem 800xA: Fully Automated ESD System for Major Gas Plant Increases Safety

DONG Energy trusts ABBs System 800xA High Integrity to protect critical gas treatment plant such as their Nybro Gas Treatment Plant on the west coast of Jutland, Denmark. DONG Energy uses ABB's System 800xA to handle on a daily basis 16 to 25 million cubic meters of natural gas at this plant. Safety is a priority and setting up a fully automated ESD system increases DONG Energy's plant safety levels. Read the full report and learn how DONG Energy integrates ABB's System 8000xA to process natural gas safely. Download now.

Five ways to improve safety and profitability without disrupting operationsFive ways to improve safety and profitability without disrupting operations

Process industries are inherently hazardous, and maintaining safety in processes and operations has become increasingly complex and costly. With both safety and financial concerns being a high priority, those in the process industry sometimes struggle to reconcile them. Download now.


ABB's AC 800M Controller has recently received two important information security certifications:

Achilles Level 1 cyber security certification from Wurldtech Security Technologies

Mu Security's Industrial Control (MUSIC) Foundation-level

Technology Archives

Archived White Papers

RFID Helps Track Assets, Manage Safety

Complex manufacturing processes together with hazardous materials and sophisticated equipment present a unique combination of safety and asset management concerns. Access must be limited to only those employees fully trained and accredited, and physical location tracking of people and assets is key, especially in emergency conditions. Leading process manufacturers are using RFID technology and advanced location sensing algorithms to achieve these goals. Download now.

Ground-up Strategies for Asset Performance Management

This Aberdeen Group benchmarking report investigates the ways top-performing companies develop corporate cultures of reliability and leverage investments in advanced performance management capabilities to improve operational performance. Download now.

Four Keys to Keeping your Plant Running

As manufacturing processes are increasingly integrated with, and managed by, process automation, a key part of maintenance is directed towards automation systems. Download now.

Technical Overview and Benefits of the IEC61850 standard

The Challenge of Device Integration

The Practical Application of Aspect Object Technology in a Distributed Control System

Industrial energy efficiency: Strategic investments can pay for themselves

Maximize Process Automation Lifecycle

Reliability: A disciplined approach improves asset availability, plant performance and profitability

Three Steps to Improving Your Process

Power Up Your Plant

Archived Webcasts

Consider the True Cost of Automation

Whether for a unit retrofit or a grass-roots project, choosing the right process automation platform is a complex and important decision that will affect your productivity and profitability for years to come. Skimp up-front, and extra integration and maintenance tasks will soon eat up any initial cost savings. Aim too high, and you'll long be paying for overly complex functionality you don't need and will never implement. In this webinar, you'll learn to cast process automation system costs in the context of a system's full life cycle, matching system capabilities against application performance, engineering and maintenance requirements. Register now.

Archived Articles

The Search for Automation's Holy Grail

Process automation's end game is an integrated suite of applications extending from design engineering to maintenance and asset management functions, encompassing the ability to control, integrate and document myriad processes. Read more.

Control System Migration or Migraine?

Birds know when to fly south for the winter, but how do automation engineers figure out when it's time to migrate? Read more.

Control Article Series with Dow

The MOD Squad: Process Automation at Dow

As the collaborative development relationship between Dow and ABB continues to grow, the process industries stand to benefit from the commercial availability of even more capabilities that support Dow's operating discipline. In this article, a team from Dow Chemicals shares its perspective and techniques for developing its own process automation and safety systems, lessons learned, and why it took the path it did. Read more.

A Shared Vision

ABB Thriving in Global Sweet Spot

Petrobras: As part of their long term integration strategy, Petrobras has adopted IEC 61850 technology.

Integration Guaranteed: Taking Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to the Next Level

Integrated Operations – Enabling safe and profitable operation of remote and mature assets

ABB's first commerical installation of IEC61850 process bus technology

Retrofitting the Sils substation with IEC 61850 technology

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