Summer 2012 Issue


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This issue is our 12th HART Supplement in Control magazine. We thank you and everyone involved for continued interest and support of this valuable resource. --

Ron Helson, Executive Editor, HART Communication Foundation

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Read this supplement and find out why all roads lead to HART Communications Protocol and learn how wired and wireless get connected now.


All Roads Lead to HART - Get Connected Now!
Why? HART Is the World's Number One and Most Often Selected Communication Technology

The Once & Future Protocol
HART Is the Most Widely Used Communication Protocol in the Process Industries and the Best Choice for the Future

WirelessHART Takes Off
Interoperable, Backward-Compatible, Future-Proofed, WirelessHART Is a Powerful and Flexible Industrial Wireless Standard

How Process Leaders Use HART
Leading Process Plants use HART Communication to Get Their Best Performance