Summer 2013 Issue


Integrated safety and control from ABB means more effective operators, safer operations and lower project and lifecycle costs. Download the ABB Safety Supplement to take the Safety Fitness Test, plan for Safety System Success, and stay fit for the Safety Lifecycle. Because there is no finish line when it comes to safety. Download it now.



Your Best Safety Shape Ever
Making Sure That Your Plant's Safety Instrumented Systems Are Prepared to Respond Is a Lot Like Maintaining Athletic Fitness. Planning, Preparation and the Right Equipment All Contribute to Successful Performance Come Race Day

The Safety Fitness Test
The First Step in Any Athlete's Performance Improvement Plan Is a Thorough Fitness Assessment. In the Case of Our Plant's Safety Systems, the Assessment Phase Begins With a Thorough Updating of Process Conditions and Risk Factors

Services for the Safety Fitness Lifecycle
Demonstrating ABB's Breadth and Depth of Their Lifecycle Offering Systems

Plan for Safety System Success
The First Step in Achieving--or Restoring--the Performance of Your Plant's Safety Systems Begins With a Cold-Eyed Assessment of Their Current Capabilities. Only Then Can You Begin to Develop a Plan to Bring Them Back Up to Speed

Safety Systems: Safe for Life!
Safety System Performance Over Its Entire Lifecycle Relies on Disciplined Work Processes and Feedback Mechanisms to Ensure That Protections Don't Deteriorate Over Time, and That Process Changes Don't Subvert Its Ability to Reduce Risk