Q2 2013 Issue

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With its October 2009 launch of the DeltaV automation system with "I/O on Demand," Emerson Process Management set out to revolutionize one of process automation's most onerous and time-consuming activities: the engineering and management of input/output (I/O) subsystems. I/O on Demand proposes to eliminate broad swaths of time and effort over a process automation system's lifecycle, to shorten project schedules and minimize system footprint, even while increasing future flexibility. In so doing, I/O on Demand promises to deliver for its users "the greatest degree of flexibility with the least amount of effort and risk," Chief Strategic Officer Peter Zornio told Control at the time. After just four years, Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs (characterization modules) technology, the cornerstone of I/O on Demand, already has logged more than a billion hours of operation at 300 sites worldwide. How these users throughout the process industries and around the globe are using Electronic Marshalling to deliver previously unthinkable results is the focus of this special report. Download this supplement in PDF format.


What Could You Do with I/O on Demand?
Already Deployed at More than 300 Sites around the World, Electronic Marshalling Is Delivering Outsized Benefits for the Process Industries.

Electronic Marshalling: Put Time on Your Side
Whether Modernizing or Building New, Electronic Marshalling Can Buy Time When You Need it Most

Control Room: Shrink Your System Footprint
Cut Your Control Room I/O Cabinet Commitments in Half. Or Better Yet, Move them all into the Field

Streamline Engineering Tasks with Electronic Marshalling
Human-Centered Design Approach Yields Everyday Engineering Efficiencies

Be Ready for What's Next in Control Systems
DeltaV with Electronic Marshalling Sets New Standard for Operational Flexibility in the Face of Unrelenting Change