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  • Daniel Measurement's New Ultrasonic Flowmeter Transducer

    Walt Boyes and Dan Hackett of Emerson's Daniel Measurement & Control Division talk about the new Daniel ultrasonic flowmeter transducer firmware/software design, which will debut at the Emerson Exchange meeting the last week of September.

  • Variable-Speed Drives Save Energy

    Variable-speed drives aren't new technology, but are getting attention now in the process industries because of their potential to save energy. In this podcast, Control ME Nancy Bartels talks with Ivan Spronk of Schneider Electric about VSDs, how they work and how they can save energy in process operations.

  • Back to Basics: SCADA

    What's a SCADA? Editor Walt Boyes takes you Back to Basics with Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition systems.

  • Market Intelligence Report: Industrial PCs, PLCs and PACs

    Walt Boyes walks you through the responses received from CONTROL's 2009 survey on industrial PCs, PLCs and PACs. What kind of PC do you use? Watch this video and get the entire report. Discover what type of industrial PCs, PLCs and PAC our audience uses.

  • Why Acquisitions Happen

    Norm Gilsdorf, President of Honeywell Process Solutions talks to Walt Boyes about the strategic value and synergies he hopes will happen due to the acquisition of Regel Messtechnik by HPS. This podcast gives end users a unique "insider's look" at why acquisitions happen.

  • Alarm Management Intelligence: Special Report

    Alarm management issues have been at the core of many dangerous events and fatal accidents. Control's readers respond with their plans, beliefs and attitudes about the value of alarm management projects and processes.

  • Plant Manager's Number One Concern

    Now more than ever, plant safety and security are on the minds of plant managers. In this video you will learn how to keep your people, your plant and the environment safe.

  • Podcast: Maximize Operation Performance

    TheOptimizedPlant.com is a process solutions resource that is aimed at helping industrial manufacturers succeed in this tough economic environment. It gives practical ways in which manufactures can sustain the life of their assets and maximize operational performance during the economic downturn. Download this podcast by Harsh Chitale, Vice President of Strategy and Global Marketing for Honeywell Process Solutions, to learn more about TheOptimizedPlant.com.

  • Level Instrumentation and Tank Gauging

    Editor in chief Walt Boyes talks about the results of Control's most recent survey on level instrumentation and tank gauging systems. This video report analyzes the more than 120 responses obtained from our readers. Watch this video and learn what our survey participants had to say.

  • Back to Basics: Termination Technology

    One of the most common single points of failure in control systems is the wiring, and especially the connections. Here's a Back to Basics on termination technologies that will help you avoid common mistakes.

  • Value, Safety and Security of State-Based Control

    Walt Boyes talks with ABB's Dave Huffman about the value, safety and security of state-based control. Don't know what state-based control is? Then you should listen to this three part podcast and find out...

  • Back to Basics: Sampling Systems

    The problem with at-line and on-line analyzers is that the analyzer is only as good as its sample. Walt Boyes gets back to the basics of sampling.

  • Podcast with Jim Dillon of Brooks Instrument

    Walt Boyes talks with Brooks Instrument product manager Jim Dillon about an industry first-- the first variable area flow meter with Foundation fieldbus technology for networking.

  • How Chemical Facilities' Anti-Terrorism Standards Impact Your Plant

    The chemical facilities' anti-terrorism standards establish risk-based performance requirements and compel any facility manufacturing, housing or distributing specified chemicals to complete a screening assessment. The assessment must determine level of risk, identify security vulnerabilities and address these vulnerabilities. Listen in as Control editor Dan Hebert and Apprion vice president of marketing and customer services Stephen Lambright discuss this hot topic.

  • Operational and Business Readiness

    Matt Willmott discusses the top business issues process manufacturers are facing today and how an integrated main automation contractor approach can help overcome those challenges and ensure a smooth transition from project into operations.

  • Rockwell's Pavilion and the Economic Melt–Down

    Walt Boyes talks to Rockwell Automation Pavilion’s marketing vice president, Don Hart about the economic melt-down, sustainable manufacturing, advanced process control, and how Pavilion is fitting into Rockwell Software.

  • Boyes Interviews Norm Gilsdorf, CEO of Honeywell Process Solutions

    Control's editor in chief Walt Boyes interviews Norm Gilsdorf, CEO of Honeywell Process Solutions. In the interview, Boyes asks Gilsdorf what he saw as his biggest challenges coming into the top job, especially in light of the economic situation, and whether, since Gilsdorf lives in Europe, he'd be bringing a different viewpoint to Honeywell's management. Boyes also asks what Honeywell is doing to weather the economic storm, and what they are doing to help HPS customers. Listen to this podcast and find out everything Gilsdorf told Control in this exclusive interview.

  • Joe Weiss Testifies!

    Our intrepid blogger, Joe Weiss, testifies before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Watch what he had to say.

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