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  • OPC Unified Architecture

    Watch this video by the OPC Foundation and learn about the history of OPC technology, the next generation of OPC technology, what OPC-UA is and what it can do for you.

    OPC Foundation
  • OPC Connectivity

    Watch this video and learn the history of the OPC Foundation and OPC. See how OPC connectivity works and how it has changed throughout time.

    OPC Foundation
  • Market Intelligence Report: Power Supplies & Circuit Protection

    Editor-in-Chief Walt Boyes talks about the results of Control's survey on power supplies and circuit protection. Seven questions were presented asking Control's readership what power supplies and circuit protection devices they use to protect themselves. Watch this video report and learn more about the results found.

  • Process Manufacturers Overcome Business Challenges

    This podcast discusses the top business issues process manufacturers are facing today and how an integrated main automation contractor approach can help overcome those challenges and ensure a smooth transition from project into operations.

  • Wireless Ethernet Webcast: Ready for Industrial Prime Time

    Wireless can today lay claim to perhaps the fastest uptake of any "new" instrumentation technology in the industrial marketplace. Wireless Ethernet, broadly encompassing standard and proprietary variants of 802.11 and 802.15.4 wireless protocols, are being successfully deployed to solve a broad and growing range of industrial problems from process control to environmental monitoring.

    Control's Editor-in-Chief Walt Boyes and the ARC Advisory Group's Harry Forbes explore the use of wireless Ethernet in industrial applications. They are joined by a panel of industry experts and they explore which standards are taking hold in which industries and what types of environments are best suited for which wireless options.

    National Instrument, Phoenix Contact & Control Global
  • Market Intelligence Report: Process Control Software

    Control Global surveyed its audience on process control software and Editor-in-chief Walt Boyes presents the survey results in this video report. Watch this report to learn more about our recent survey.

  • Disaster Recovery and The Automation Genome

    Chris Lyden and Eddie Habibi of PAS discuss their Automation Genome project and their use of the genome to create an effective disaster recovery product with Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.

  • Great Kanduski: FDI Agreement

    Ian Verhappen and Hartmut Walrath of Invensys talk about the new FDI agreement. FDI defines extended device description for HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus, and is a giant step toward a unified fieldbus structure for automation.

  • Upgrading Control Systems

    Find out why people upgrade control systems and what the best ways are to do a system migration.

  • Maintain Open Systems Efficiently and Safely

    Today, open system networks allow for the most secure and efficient operations - but at what cost? In this podcast, we cover the current landscape around the remote services industry. Learn how you can maintain your open systems network efficiently and securely with minimal impact to your IT department by using remote services.

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