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  • Lifecycle Costs Podcast

    Process control and automation can control process plants and cut lifecycle costs. In this podcast, Paula Hollywood, senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about how end users and systems integrators are becoming more aware of how automation can help reduce expenses over the lifetime of their application and equipment. Find out how others can do it too.

  • Process Security 2011 Podcast

    With all the news about looming computer viruses and possible cyber attacks, it's no wonder so many process engineers are concerned their applications and facilities may be exposed to unauthorized probes and potential intrusion. In this podcast, Barry Young, principal analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about the state of process security, how the U.S. government, standards organizations and suppliers are responding, and what end users can do to improve their own process security.

  • Back to Basics: ph, ORP, Conductivity and Density Analyzers

    Editor in chief Walt Boyes takes a look at the wet chemistry measurements. Density. ph, ORP and conductivity are deceptively simple and similar. Watch this video report to learn more about these three measurements, how to differentiate them and understand them. Also watch to learn more about density analyzers.

  • Invensys Involved!

    All accross the globe, Invensys and its employees make a difference

  • Flow Instrumentation Research Report

    Executive Editor Jim Montague talks about flowmeters and flow-related instruments. In September 2011, Control Global surveyed its audience to find out how end users are currently using or specifying flowmeters. This market intelligence video report summarizes the survey's findings. Watch this video and learn if the overall number of flowmeters bought or specified by your peers has shifted.

  • Invensys Intelligent Marshalling

    Invensys' Intelligent Marshalling Solution Has One Module That Provides for Analog, Digital, and HART Points. Learn More

  • The Asset Management and Sustainability Connection

    "Sustainability" may be the Buzz Word of the Year. But it turns out that it also has great potential to be a real money saver for your operation, especially if you focus on the energy potential savings that accrue from using asset management and maintenance best practices. In this podcast, Ralph Rio, Research Director, Enterprise Software, at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Nancy Bartels, Control's managing editor, about the sustainability/enterprise asset management (EAM) connection and how it can impact both your operations and your maintenance departments -- and your bottom line.

    ARC Advisory Group
  • Podcast: Control/ARC Top 50 Automation Companies

    Walt Boyes, Control editor in chief, and David Clayton and Preet Shoker from ARC Advisory Group reveal deep insight into the 2011 Top 50 Automation Companies.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
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