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  • Wireless Podcast

    In this podcast, Harry Forbes, senior Analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about how some of the struggles over wireless networking methods and protocols are shaking out, and how end users can benefit from using wireless technologies.

  • Utilities Kingston Implements Plant-Wide Control System to Streamline Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Utilities Kingston, owned by the City of Kingston, Ontario, is an international leader in the wastewater treatment field. The $103 million CDN expansion of the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, uses state-of-the-art equipment and best practices that serve as a model to municipalities world-wide. By making the plant as efficient as possible, Utilities Kingston (UK) and the City of Kingston help protect the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Basin and communities downstream. The goals for the Ravensview plant were to increase effluent capacity, improve effluent, air and water quality, reduce noise and provide superior bio-solids handling, energy savings and efficiency. Utilities Kingston partnered with J.L. Richards (JLR), an engineering architect and planning company, to design the control system. They chose Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Process Automation System solution which included programmable automation controllers (PACs), intelligent motor control centers (MCCs) and variable frequency drives, as well as field services including Protection Plus Startup Services, Factory Acceptance Testing and TechConnectSM phone and online support, meeting the specified criteria needed for this project and delivering the best long-term value.

    Rockwell Automation
  • User-Centered Design at Work Podcast

    More process control engineers are recognizing that operational errors cause most process slowdowns and shutdowns. The March 2011 cover article explores how some innovative users are preventing these user-based problems. Executive editor Jim Montague interviews ARC's senior process analyst Dave Woll to comment on the users' preventative measures.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • The Internet of Things

    Walt Boyes interviews Advantech eAutomation Product Manager Mark Lochhaas about the coming interconnectivity of everything, and what it means for the way we do automation. Approx. 20 minutes.

  • The Asset Management and Sustainability Connection

    "Sustainability" may be the Buzz Word of the Year. But it turns out that it also has great potential to be a real money saver for your operation, especially if you focus on the energy potential savings that accrue from using asset management and maintenance best practices. In this podcast, Ralph Rio, Research Director, Enterprise Software, at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Nancy Bartels, Control's managing editor, about the sustainability/enterprise asset management (EAM) connection and how it can impact both your operations and your maintenance departments -- and your bottom line.

    ARC Advisory Group
  • Rethinking SCADA Software For Modern Manufacturing -- Inductive Automation

    SCADA software has gotten out of control. What if there was a better way to manage control systems? See how web-based software, open standards technology, and unlimited usage licensing are being used to transform the SCADA / control system software landscape. Ignition by Inductive Automation is being used around the world to create HMI, SCADA and MES applications.

  • R&B Plastics: Plastics Blow-Molding OEM Uses Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture to Achieve Parison Control System

    Serving customers in a variety of plastics industries, including consumer packaged goods, chemical, automotive and dairy, R&B Plastics Machinery in Saline, Mich., provides customers with solutions for machine, mold, trimming and tooling systems. This machine builder focuses on continuous extrusion blow-molding and offers a wide selection of custom options that help its customers secure a competitive advantage.

    R&B Plastics sought flexibility for its blow-molding machines via programmable automation controllers to accommodate quick product changeovers, ease of use -- from a single integrated control and information platform, and reliable and ongoing support from global distributors to help customers reduce the risk of downtime. R&B Plastics also works with Rockwell Automation to offer users scalable solutions for parison-control retrofits. This approach leaves all other machine control systems in place.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Process Sustainability 2011 Podcast

    There's a lot more to truly going green than efficiency, which is why experienced end users are scrambling to master process sustainability. In this podcast, Wil Chin of ARC Advisory Group and Control's executive editor, Jim Montague, discuss how process sustainability is evolving, types of applications where it's emerging, and where its going in the future.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Process Security 2011 Podcast

    With all the news about looming computer viruses and possible cyber attacks, it's no wonder so many process engineers are concerned their applications and facilities may be exposed to unauthorized probes and potential intrusion. In this podcast, Barry Young, principal analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about the state of process security, how the U.S. government, standards organizations and suppliers are responding, and what end users can do to improve their own process security.

  • Podcast: Information Wants to Be Everywhere

    The slick, convenient, user-friendly tablets and smart phones that are so popular on the home front are making inroads into the workplace. In this podcast, Ralph Rio of ARC Advisory Group and Control's managing editor, Nancy Bartels, discuss the trend, the vision of real-time process information on demand everywhere all the time, and the reality of making it happen in the process environment.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Podcast: Control/ARC Top 50 Automation Companies

    Walt Boyes, Control editor in chief, and David Clayton and Preet Shoker from ARC Advisory Group reveal deep insight into the 2011 Top 50 Automation Companies.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Market Intelligence Report: Temperature Instrumentation

    Temperature is one of the Big 4 control parameters that any process plant must monitor. However, it is sometimes a forgotten measurement because it often isn't as hard to do as the other three. Editor in chief Walt Boyes reviews the 2009 survey on temperature instrumentation and compares it to the 2011 survey findings. There are significant differences between the two surveys. Watch this report to find out.

  • Market Intelligence Report: Level Measurement

    Executive editor Jim Montague presents the results of Control's 2011 survey on level measurement technologies, compares this year's results with responses to the same survey in 2009, and then examines some of the up and downs over the past two years -- such as the emergence of WirelessHART.

  • Lifecycle Costs Podcast

    Process control and automation can control process plants and cut lifecycle costs. In this podcast, Paula Hollywood, senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about how end users and systems integrators are becoming more aware of how automation can help reduce expenses over the lifetime of their application and equipment. Find out how others can do it too.

  • Knowledge Management Podcast

    In this podcast Executive Editor Jim Montague talks with ARC's vice president of consulting and senior processing analyst, Dave Wolf, about staffing and knowledge management. Montague asks what a process automation system should be. Listen to this podcast to hear Wolf's answer.

    Control/ ARC Advisory Group
  • Invensys Involved!

    All accross the globe, Invensys and its employees make a difference

  • Invensys Intelligent Marshalling

    Invensys' Intelligent Marshalling Solution Has One Module That Provides for Analog, Digital, and HART Points. Learn More

  • Golden Triangle Energy Cooperative Replaces Outdated DCS in Favor of PlantPAx Process Automation System from Rockwell Automation

    Most people think of ethanol as an alternative fuel designed only for specialized flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). While this is partly true -- the more than six million FFVs on the road today are designed to run on E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded gasoline -- in reality, ethanol is a much more commonly used product. Seventy percent of the gasoline sold in America contains some amount of ethanol. Most ethanol production facilities, such as Golden Triangle Energy Cooperative (GTEC) in Craig, Mo., generate little to no waste throughout the manufacturing process. With $50 million in gross annual revenue, GTEC operates on a continuous basis, manufacturing approximately 20 million gallons of ethanol and over 160,000 tons of wet livestock feed every year. The entire production process is run by just three operators, and until a few years ago, controlled using a distributed control system (DCS) that was installed when the plant was built in 2001. However, just a few years after the plant opened, Roger Hill, General Manager at GTEC, and his colleagues learned from the DCS manufacturer that their system was obsolete. The DCS manufacturer would no longer manufacture replacement parts and GTEC needed to find a replacement provider. They contracted Bachelor Controls Inc. (BCI) of Sabetha, Kan., a Rockwell Automation Solution Provider to replace their now obsolete systems. BCI is a best-in-class systems integrators who provide industry and applications expertise in delivering automation and information solutions to manufacturing companies globally, to replace their now obsolete systems.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Flow Instrumentation Research Report

    Executive Editor Jim Montague talks about flowmeters and flow-related instruments. In September 2011, Control Global surveyed its audience to find out how end users are currently using or specifying flowmeters. This market intelligence video report summarizes the survey's findings. Watch this video and learn if the overall number of flowmeters bought or specified by your peers has shifted.

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