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  • Testing, Calibrating Process Temperature Devices

    In this 15-minute webinar, learn how to make the most of temperature measurements and how to avoid and troubleshoot the pitfalls of these vital measurements. Moderated by Jim Shields, Fluke's temperature solution professional with over 20 yeas of process control experience.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Pressure Calibration Measurements

    This 15-minute webinar will cover the most common pressure devices and their failures, testing pressure transmitters and switches, and testing and adjusting HART smart pressure transmitters. Easy to follow and a must-view for those looking for pressure calibration solutions.

  • Advanced Process Control Podcast

    In this podcast, Peter Reynolds, senior consultant at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about advanced process control, and how to make it simpler to implement and maintain.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Q&A: Beyond the Process Variable

    Tom Moser, president of Emerson Process Management's Rosemount Measurement unit, believes that instrumentation is a big part of the answer to the process industries' challenges to improve productivity, safety, efficiency and asset utilization. Control's Keith Larson talked with Moser at the 2012 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Anaheim, Calif., about the ongoing evolution of instrumentation capabilities as well as the application revolution enabled by wireless technology.

  • Invensys' Webinar on Operator Training

    Aging workforce? Talent gap? Employee recruitment, retention, proficiency Management,...Every position in plant operations is more critical to profitability today than ever before and in the search for improved profitability, companies know that the game is won or lost each day on the front lines with highly skilled, experienced, operations teams. Inexperienced and undertrained operators are a liability, risking safety and profitability. The science of human performance management, education and industrial technology have converged to create a new solution that dramatically improves human performance and reduces "time to experience." Learn more and register now.

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