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  • Back to Basics: Basics of Data Acquisition

    Data, data, it's all about the data. Nothing makes a control system fail faster than a failure of the data acquisition system. Walt Boyes, Control's editor in chief, takes you back to the basics on data acquisition systems and software.

  • Avoiding Long Sensor Wires

    Learn correlation of sensor wire length with accuracy. Avoiding Long Sensor Wires video is one of six short educational videos entitled "Temperature Insights" from Emerson Process Management. The series provides insight into effectively and efficiently measuring temperature in a manufacturing process.

    Emerson Process Management
  • Automation Professional Basic Skills

    Control magazine surveyed its audience to find out how industry professionals obtain basic training. Watch this video report where digital managing editor, Katherine Bonfante, goes over the survey's findings. There's a big gap between what companies are saying and what they are doing to provide training for their employees. Watch this report to learn more.

  • Asset Reliability:A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Frito-Lay

    Featured speaker Ed Michel, Reliability Manager at Frito-Lay, offers a unique look at how Frito-Lay is discovering new ways to improve productivity and sustainability by focusing on asset reliability. Ed explains how efforts have led to reduced downtime and less packaging material scrap.

  • Asish Ghosh on Process Safety

    In This Edition of the Monthly Control/ARC Podcast Series, Walt Boyes and ARC's Asish Ghosh Talk About Process Safety and Why It Seems So Hard to Accomplish, Even After Years of Trying.

  • An introduction to Coriolis flowmeters and density flow measurement technology

    Learn about the most accurate flow measurement technology by watching this video presented by Emerson's Micro Motion. The clip shows a brief summary of the benefits and technology behind Coriolis and density flowmeters. Watch and learn how these flowmeters measure mass, density, volume and temperature.

    Emerson Process Management/YouTube
  • Alarm Management Intelligence: Special Report

    Alarm management issues have been at the core of many dangerous events and fatal accidents. Control's readers respond with their plans, beliefs and attitudes about the value of alarm management projects and processes.

  • Advanced Process Control Podcast

    In this podcast, Peter Reynolds, senior consultant at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about advanced process control, and how to make it simpler to implement and maintain.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • A New Look at Automation Project Execution

    In this on-demand webcast, VP of Content for Control and Control Design Keith Larson explains the strategies and technology that can help you dramatically reduce risk and costs on your next automation project. This interactive webcast allows you to explore the material at your pace.

  • 2012 Process Automation Hall of Fame Podcast

    Dick Hill at ARC Advisory Group talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about the three new inductees in Control's Process automation Hall of Fame for 2012 -- Mark Nixon, Tom Phinney and Vernon Heath -- and some of the issues raised by their experiences and the challenges they see the process control field facing in the future.

    ARC Advisory Group & Control Magazine
  • 2008 Top 50 Automation Vendors

    As the economy crashes, process automation is poised to ride it out. Walt Boyes speaks with ARC Research Directors Larry O'Brien and Craig Resnick on the state of the process automation economy, and the Control/ARC Top 50 automation companies.

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