Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' Substation Computing Platform


Substation Computing Platform
Substation computing platform is designed to replace office-grade PC's in substation environments connecting older and newer equipment in electrical substations and plants. The products deliver reliability in harsh substation environments because they are designed and tested to meet IEEE C37.90 and IEC requirements, have no moving parts or fans, operate over the range of -40° to +75°C, and have a watchdog processor to detect and alarm system problems. The system computing platform is a customized solution. Options include protocol conversion, HMI, event report retrieval, Sequential Events Recorder (SER) reporting, automatic control, software logic, self-diagnostics, system configuration, and data concentration. The system provides reliable protocol conversion to connect older and newer equipment. System engineers can upgrade SCADA masters and remote systems at different times, allowing them to phase capital expenditures and prolong the useful life of legacy assets. 

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