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Line Size Coriolis Flow Meter
CMU Coriolis mass fow meter combines large line size service, high flow rate capability and measurement accuracy for line sizes 0.25-12 in. (DN 8-300). It measures flow rates from 2.2-80,800 lb/hr (60-2, 200, 00 kg/hr). The flow meter provides mass flow measurement while measuring fluid temperature, density and volumetric flow. The “U” tube flow sensor features a lightweight tube, minimal welding and vibration dampening technology. Accuracy range is 0.1-0.15% in liquids (depending on line size) and 0.5% in gases (+ reading), meeting industry requirements for applications in custody transfer, precision product line batching and test-stand performance measurement. Optional density calibrations include a 3-point or 5-point density calibration. Standard outputs include dual 4-20mA, one standard with HART, a frequency/pulse output of total flow, and a binary output of instrument status. Output options include Profibus-PA and a tamper-proof, custody transfer configuration that is sealed/certified, and prevents resetting of the internal totalizer. The device can be mounted integral with the sensor or remote mounted up to 1000 feet (300 m) away.

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