K-TEK's LM3D and LM2D laser scanners



LM3D and LM2D laser scanners perform non-contact volumetric measurement of bulk solids in silos or stockpiles. The LM3D uses a rotating laser head for multipoint laser scans, to, either on-demand or periodically, measure the uneven surface of stored materials. A three-dimensional map of the surface is created in the scanner memory and the on-board microprocessor immediately calculates the stored material's volume and mass. Measurements can be transmitted via 4-20 mA or RS232 interface to a DCS or PLC control system, or to third-party applications like Microsoft Excel. This provides inexpensive connections to the most common industry interfaces without for proprietary software. The LM2D is a two-dimensional laser scanner for non-contact volume flow measurement of belt conveyed materials.

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