ULTRAMAX Advanced Process Management software


Advanced Process Management software learns how to improve the performance of an existing production process system by determining better process adjustment using Advanced Process Management technology. The technology enables the user to do optimization-on-the-go, while production is running. The software does not require the creation of models in advance. The software automatically balances the achievement of all performance metrics you desire including safety, reliability, costs, quality, requirements, yield, efficiency, throughput, environmental impact, regulations and revenues. It can be applied as a standalone software tool to determine the best operating setting for equipment or can be interfaced to machine controls.

Ultramax; 513/469-8629; www.ultramax.com

Company Information


  • 110 Boggs Lane, suite 325
  • Cincinnati, OH 45249 (see map)
  • Phone: (513) 469-8629
  • Website: www.ultramax.com