EMCO Flow Systems' Sono-Trak ultrasonic flowmeter



Sono-Trak transit time non-invasive flowmeter, for clean fluids, installs in less than 30 minutes. Set-up is via a menu-driven EZ-Logic user interface and blue backlit display. The flowmeter measures liquids in pipe sizes from 2 in. to 100 in. with an accuracy of ±0.5% of rate and ±0.1% of rate repeatability. It measures flow velocities for liquids from -40 ft/sec to 40 ft/sec. The flowmeter provides plug-and-play input/output module options (pulse, analog, relay, RS232/485, BTU and data logger) enabling electronics configuration and/or field upgrades.

EMCO Flow Systems/Spirax Sarco; 303/684-2121; www.emcoflow.com

Company Information

    EMCO Flow Systems

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