Premium Digital Gas Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Advanced Mass Air Flow Sensors, Controllers and Flow Meters 
Sierra's 100 Series premium digital family is made up of flagship Smart-Trak Model 100, the Micro-Trak  Model 101, and the Max-Trak Model 180 industrial product. Ideal for OEM's and end users alike, the digital mass flow instruments are defining Performance MFC & MFM.  To simplify basic flow control installations and permit networking of multiple instruments, you can add the Compod programmable control module to all 100 Series models and get multi-drop RS-485/MODBUS RTU communications . This family of flowmeters has user-friendly features, advanced sensor, valve and laminar flow element technology.

<b>Precise Gas Flow Measurement: The Sierra Way</b><br>
<i>Thermal Technology</i><br>
This 3-minute educational video explains the operating principle of Sierra’s capillary thermal technology. This video is an inside-out description showing the flow path of gas molecules within the mass flow controller and illustrates key technology advantages of capillary thermal flow measurement technology.
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