Automated Solutions' Siemens Driver + .NET

Automated Solutions recently added a new Siemens S7 Ethernet driver to its ASComm.NET component for industrial communications. ASComm.NET now implements driver support for Siemens S7 via Ethernet, A-B Logix family of processors via Ethernet, A-B PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix via Ethernet, Modbus/TCP Master and GE SRTP Ethernet. ASComm.NET is a .NET component that provides the communication link between .NET applications and industrial controllers, PLCs and instrumentation. ASComm.NET provides HMI/SCADA developers and machine builders with a runtime-free option for creating HMI, control and supervisory control applications in Visual Studio.NET. It can be used in Windows, console, service, WPF and web applications. All drivers are self-contained; no third-party driver purchase is required.
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Automated Solutions