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Wago's Corporation's high-speed 750-881 "Ethernet 2.0" Programmable Fieldbus Controller processes 1000 instructions/235 μS. The 750-881 provides significant amounts of memory for PLC programs and web applications, as well as an integrated dual-port ethernet switch.

The 750-881 PFC interfaces with standard network protocols, including unique support for both EtherNet I/P and MODBUS TCP. The Ethernet switch streamlines costs and system footprint by facilitating a line topology for fieldbus wiring, eliminating additional switches and hubs. An onboard DIP switch configures the last octet of IP address/assignment, expediting commissioning.

Keys to the 750-881's high-frequency processing are a 32-bit CPU and 1Mbyte of program memory. A 2Mbyte Fast File System supervises both a Web-Based Management System and substantial data logging. 750-881's standard CoDeSys V2 programming environment is IEC 61131 compatible, and features all five programming languages. The PFC supports up to 250 I/O modules, and allows users to tailor solutions from the 400+ analog, digital and specialty modules in the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.

Product Type:
Programmable Controllers
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