Dwyer Instruments' PFG2 Process Filter Gage Series

The Series PFG2 Process Filter Gage is designed for determining the state of an in-line filter. The differential pressure indicator determines the pressure drop on either side of a filter through its 1/8" female NPT pressure connections, and relates the value to one of three zones: clean (green), change (yellow), or dirty (red). The Series PFG2 is suited for filter applications, line loss, valve drop, and many other differential pressure applications where a simple indicator is needed. The direction of process flow is indicated on the dial, with the arrow pointing to the low pressure port. In order to change the high and low pressure connections, simply remove the indicator from the mounting base and rotate 180°. The PFG2 can be connected in-line through the side process connections, but can also be directly mounted through the outlet/inlet connections by removing the mounting block.

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