Fox Thermal's FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter

The FT3 was designed to be used in any pure or mixed gas application, but it is ideal for applications at refineries, petrochemical plants, and natural gas gathering/processing plants. The FT3 features are dual 4 to 20mA outputs (one for flow and the second selectable for flow or temperature) and pulse output (pulses per unit/units per pulse).  A basic insertion type FT3 uses the PowerPro Sensor to measure from 15-60,000 SFPM (0.07-280 NMPS) with a flow accuracy of ±1% of reading, ±0.4% of full scale. The FT3 can measure in over 25 selectable flow units and can be calibrated to continuously monitor the flow of air, compressed air, natural gas, biogas, mixed gases, and pure gases.

Fox Thermal Instruments received FM (U.S.), FMc (Canadian), ATEX (EU), and IECEx (Global) safety standards approval for its FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter.

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