ICONICS' Next Generation in HMI/SCADA, GENESIS64

ICONICS GENESIS64 is an extensive 64-bit HMI/SCADA solution utilizing the latest visualization technologies to deliver high-powered 2D, 3D, and GEO-SCADA HMI visualizations with natural user interfaces such as multi-touch. It provides open, universal connectivity through OPC, OPC-UA, BACnet, SNMP and Web Service protocols. GENESIS64's web-enabled, centralized work environment allows for rapid configuration of data and graphics from any Web browser running on any device. GENESIS64 merges graphics, proven multi-media alarming, real-time and historical trending, and real-time grids with unrestricted access to data in a flexible system that provides redundancy and scalability for future needs.

Learn more at http://www.iconics.com/GENESIS64

Product Type:
SCADA & Operator Interface