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Conta-Clips' Screw Connection Terminal Blocks

New SRKD Double Level Terminal Blocks are Available as Standard Models with Two Potentials and 2 x 2 Connections

Category: Connectivity

Product Type: Terminal Blocks

Conta Clip Inc.

Exele Information Systems' TopView 6.18.1 Software

Software Suite Features Real-Time Value and Alarm Updates for the Mobile Web App

Category: Alarms & Annunciators

EXELE Information Systems

Kisters' 3DViewStation V2014.1

Software Has Modern User-Interface, High Performance 3D-viewing and Digital MockUp (DMU)

Category: Input/Output Systems

Product Type: Remote I/O


Rockwell Automations' Guardmaster 440C-CR30

Device Communicates Diagnostic Data Via a Built-In Modbus Interface to Controllers

Category: Input/Output Systems

Product Type: Intrinsic Safety Components

Rockwell Automation

Stealth's LPC-681 mini PC

PC is Also Equipped with Intel HD Graphics 4600 Providing for 3-Video Ports

Category: Industrial Networks

Product Type: Wired Network Components

Stealth Computer

Emerson Process Management's ValveLink Mobile

Software Controls Valves Remotely, Has Intuitive Interface with Touchscreen Icons

Emerson Process Management

Cashco's Model B7 High-Flow/High-Sensitivity Back Pressure Relief Regulator

The new B7, Manufactured by Cashco. Inc, Can Be used in Any High-Pressure Application That Requires Back Pressure Relief to Avoid Setting off a Safety Relief Valve.

Category: Measurement & Sensing

Product Type: Pressure

Cashco Inc.

Schneider Electric's Foxboro Compact 200 Series I/O

Foxboro Compact 200 Series I/O Fieldbus Modules Support More I/O Modules in Less Space, Reducing Footprint Up to 50 percent and Offering Significant Potential for Cost Savings.

Product Type: Programmable Controllers

Schneider Electric

Kobold Instruments' Variable-Area Flowmeter

BGN Armored, Variable-Area Flowmeter Has an All-metal Design and is Available in Stainless Steel, PTFE-clad Stainless Steel or Hasteloy-C22 - Ideal for Difficult Applications Requiring High-Pressure, High-Temperature Operation or Low Pressure Loss.

Category: Measurement & Sensing

Product Type: Flow

Kobold Instruments Inc.

Connect and Control Fieldbus Over Ethernet Without PC Card

Hilscher netHOST Fieldbus Master module provides connection to, and control of, traditional Fieldbus systems over Ethernet. NetHOST is a replacement for PC card-based controllers in those applications where an open PC slot is unavailable, or in slot-less systems, such as embedded systems, ...

Product Type: Integrated Control Systems


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Displaying 11-20 of 603 results