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Acromag's Compact Ethernet Modules

Compact Design Has Dual Ethernet Ports, Removable Front-Facing Terminal Blocks

Category: Input/Output Systems

Product Type: Remote I/O


HMS' Anybus CompactCom 40-Series Networking Interfaces

Provides High-Speed, Accurate Communication Between Host Device, Powerlink

Category: Connectivity

Product Type: Cordsets & Connectors

HMS Industrial Networks

Siemens' Industrial Wireless LAN Lines for Cabinets and Field Level

Devices Provide an Affordablen Solution for Wireless Machine Networking Within a Cabinet

Product Type: Loop Controllers

Siemens Energy & Automation

Eaton's Remote Terminals

Alarm Visualization System Checks Correct Data Transmission to the Display in Real Time

Category: Control Valves & Accessories

Product Type: Control Valves


Vortex Flowmeter Sports MNPT Connection

Foxboro 84 Series MNPT Vortex Flowmeter Reduces Maintenance Costs With No Moving Parts and a Lifetime Warranty.

Category: Measurement & Sensing

Product Type: Flow

Invensys Foxboro

Connect and Control Fieldbus Over Ethernet Without PC Card

Hilscher netHOST Fieldbus Master module provides connection to, and control of, traditional Fieldbus systems over Ethernet. NetHOST is a replacement for PC card-based controllers in those applications where an open PC slot is unavailable, or in slot-less systems, such as embedded systems, ...

Product Type: Integrated Control Systems


Ethernet Switches Simplify Large-Scale Network Upgrade

EDS-G500E Series Industrial Ethernet Switches Simplify Upgrading an Existing Large-Scale Network to Gigabit Speed or Building a New, Full-Gigabit Backbone.

Category: Industrial Networks

Product Type: Network Management Devices


Device Monitors and Controls Processes in Extreme Conditions

Device Combines Built-in I/O and Active GPS

Red Lion Controls

Siemens' Sitop UPS 1600 DC Uninterruptible Power Supply

Sitop UPS 1600 DC uninterruptible power supply is designed with two Ethernet interfaces

Category: Power Distribution

Product Type: Power Supplies

Siemens Industry Inc.

NK Technologies' APN Series Power Monitor

APN Series power monitor measures three phases of current and voltage, and computes 14 values necessary to track power usage in the RS485 Modbus RTU format.

Category: Power Distribution

Product Type: Power Supplies

NK Technologies

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Displaying 11-20 of 568 results