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Stealth's LPC-681 mini PC

PC is Also Equipped with Intel HD Graphics 4600 Providing for 3-Video Ports

Category: Industrial Networks

Product Type: Wired Network Components

Stealth Computer

Emerson Process Management's ValveLink Mobile

Software Controls Valves Remotely, Has Intuitive Interface with Touchscreen Icons

Emerson Process Management

Schneider Electric's Foxboro Compact 200 Series I/O

Foxboro Compact 200 Series I/O Fieldbus Modules Support More I/O Modules in Less Space, Reducing Footprint Up to 50 percent and Offering Significant Potential for Cost Savings.

Product Type: Programmable Controllers

Schneider Electric

Pressure Transducer Expands the Electrical Connection Access

Model 511 Hammer Union Pressure Transducer Expands the Electrical Connection Access by 77 Percent to Allow for Easier Installations.

Category: Control Valves & Accessories

Product Type: Electric Actuators


Connect and Control Fieldbus Over Ethernet Without PC Card

Hilscher netHOST Fieldbus Master module provides connection to, and control of, traditional Fieldbus systems over Ethernet. NetHOST is a replacement for PC card-based controllers in those applications where an open PC slot is unavailable, or in slot-less systems, such as embedded systems, ...

Product Type: Integrated Control Systems


Flowmeters Acquire Data in Difficult Sites

FL900AV Flowmeters with AV9000 Analyzer Modules Acquire Flow Data in Difficult Sites.

Category: Measurement & Sensing

Product Type: Flow

Hach Company

Brady's Link360 Desktop Software

Link360 desktop software for lockout/tagout programs allows users to create, edit, save and print lockout/tagout procedures.

Product Type: Design & Documentation


Rockwell Automation's AADvance Workbench 2.0

AADvance Workbench 2.0 is a complete design, configuration and maintenance software environment.

Product Type: Design & Documentation

Rockwell Automation

Givens Control Engineering's PID Simulation Software

The simulator has more than 100 user settings for tuning, disturbances, noise, feed-forward, digital filtering, actuator non-linearity and for output to VFD pumps, valves or electric actuators

Product Type: Simulation & Modeling

Givens Control Engineering

InfinityQS International's ProFicient 5.1 Manufacturing Intelligence Platform

Users get heightened visibility across the enterprise with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) dashboards

Product Type: Process Control

InfinityQS International

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Displaying 21-30 of 595 results