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April 2008 Web Highlights

What’s New This Month on ControlGlobal.com

By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

ControlGlobal Does Blogs, Spanish and Audio/Video

We’re a real bunch of talkers here at ControlGlobal.com. Sometimes we listen too. We have three blog conversations going on right now. First there’s the senior member of the team, SoundOff! Here Walt Boyes and the other editors share opinions, news and observations about the business of process automation. Sometimes “SoundOff!” is updated several times a day, especially if one of us is attending a conference. Then we go to live blogging and cover presentations and speeches in real or near-real time. Following SoundOff! then is just like being at the event, except you don’t get the free canvas bag with the vendor logo on it.
Then there’s Joe Weiss’ blog, “Unfettered.” Joe brings his vast experience to the business of cybersecurity and process automation and shares his insights and observations about when we should be scared and when we don’t need to be.

Our newest blogger is Charlie Gifford, who’s out there covering the nexus between the plant floor and the rest of the enterprise in his “Hitchhiking Through Manufacturing” blog. Come here to share your integration war stories.

What? You want more? How ‘bout “Out of Control”? Coming soon, this blog will be the spot to come for a selection of the light-hearted, quirky, sometimes funny and always interesting bits of information our editors find both on- and offine. We’ve been sneaking a few samples into “SoundOff!” while nobody was looking. See, for example, the report on the water-cooler cannon or the one on a little known engineering hero of the past.
All of these blogs are interactive. Use the comments boxes freely and join the conversation.

Meanwhile, we’re hard at work on Control en español. We’ve gathered a collection of news releases and white papers in Spanish, with more to come.

For those of you more visually and aurally inclined, go to www.controlglobal.com/multimedia/ for our collection of video and podcasts. See ARC’s Dick Hill discuss professional development with Walt Boyes. Find out why some companies do—or don’t—do well in the Readers’ Choice Awards and what’s behind the numbers in the Top 50 Companies listings at www.controlglobal.com/extras/ARC_Control_Podcasts.html.
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White Papers

Choose Your Industrial Wireless Network
What you need to know to make the right choice.

Asset & Performance Management
How leading companies are delivering bottom-line results with automation asset and performance supervision systems.

Liquid Level Measurement Basics, Part 3
Focus is on electronic floats, ultrasonic gap switches, thermal dispersion switches, conductivity probes and vibrating forks.

Special to the Web

Calibration Practices
Watch this video and find out what Control learned from surveying its readership about their calibration practices.

Integration Guide
A collection of resources, including Dan Hebert’s March cover story, about the knotty subject of integrating your process systems with the rest of the enterprise, plus other features, blogs, podcasts, whitepapers and more  at www.controlglobal.com/articles/2008/081.html.

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