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Top 50 Automation Suppliers: Changing Latitudes, Changing Attitudes

Major Acquisitions and a Real Shift in Focus for the Automation Industry Going Forward

By Walt Boyes

Once again, Control and ARC Advisory Group present our Top 50 list of Automation Suppliers. We have not changed our rubric for several years now, so you can compare results year-on-year for the past few years. Our considerations are spelled out in the sidebar, "How We Do It."

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Community and Responsibility

Don't You Wish That Today's "One Percent" Were as Community-Inspired as Their Financial Ancestors Were?


Connecting the Manufacturing Dots

Smaller Companies Can't Afford to Implement the Systems and Support Structures Necessary to Use Smart Manufacturing Technologies


Control System Evolution at Bayer: 24 Years and Counting

Bayer Healthcare Partnered with ABB to Bring its 1980s-Era Control Systems into the Future


Control Systems and the Great Toyota Fail

Toyota Is Simply Not Bulletproof as Advertised. We, as All Auto Makers, Aren't Willing to Pay Enough for Failures Not to Happen


Control is truly global!

Perhaps you’ve noticed articles in CONTROL and on ControlGlobal.com have become less North America-centric over the past few years. This is intentional, and you can expect the trend to continue.


ControlGlobal.com Norminated for Neal Award

We Are Competing in the "Best Website" Category. We Are Proud to Be Recognized by the Neal Award Jury, Whether We Win or Not


Convergence-or Not. That's the Question

The People in Control Here Are the End Users, but Convergence Isn't Going to Happen Unless They Require It


Crazy Scary Fukushima Reporting

The Attitude Fostered by Fukushima Coverage by Clueless Reporters Is Dangerous to the Entire Body of Engineered Infrastructure


Creating Functional Security and Safety

We Still Have Not Managed to Create Whatever Culture We Need to Eliminate the Majority of Safety and Security Failures


Creating a Safety and Security Culture

The Process Manufacturing Industries Are Inherently Dangerous. Accident Still Happen, Plants Blow Up, and People Get Injured


Cyber Attack, But Wait–We're the Good Guys!

Does Being the "Good Guys" Mean We Can Do Things We Would Find Objectionable If Others Did Them to Us?


Cybersecurity Still Matters

It Is Highly Unlikely That Another 9/11-Style Attack Could happen Here. Terrorists Will Move to Cyber Attacks and Combinations of Cyber and Physical Assaults. We Can't Prevent That Kind of Attack Entirely. We Can, However, Make It Hard to Do


Cybersecurity in Your Safety DNA

If Your Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Programs Aren't Intertwined, You May Not Be as Safe as You Think


C’mon, vendors, let’s step up!

ISA has been trying for years to get employers in the process industries to support process automation careers, but it could do a lot more if it had the volunteer involvement it used to have from vendors.


Doing with Less or Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Skills Are Yours. They Go Where You Go. Time Was, "He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins." Now "He Who Has the Most Skills Wins"


Economic Recovery: It's All About the Uptime!

All the Safety and Industrial Controls Security Systems in the World Can't Defeat Human Beings Intent on Screwing Things Up


Electric Power Utilities Are Not as Cyber Secure As They Say They Are

An Orderly Strategic Advance to the Rearward: The Cybersecurity of Electric Power Utilities Depend on How You Count It


Emerson Bringing New Technology to Many Plant Functions

Technology Everywhere, Shiny New Stuff and The Future


End users walk the walk

There’s been a huge language shift in the industry during the past 20 years which is driving end user nuts. It seems the higher you go up in the automation food chain, the harder it is to describe what you do.


Farewell to Our Editor in Chief Walt Boyes

Thank You to My Staff and My Readers, Who Made It Possible for Me to Do the Things I've Done for the Past 10 Years