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A Cybersecurity Wiki?

There Should Certainly Be a Wikipedia-Like Site for Security Professionals to Turn To for Proven, Tested Remedies and Suggestions

By Tom Williams

There is no question that the future of terrorism and warfare includes attacks on defense and industrial infrastructure. Sadly, these attacks have the potential to cause serious catastrophe, not only to defense and related industries, but also to ordinary institutions. Even the consumer may be vulnerable to very sophisticated spin-offs.

We have been forewarned, but I don't know if our Homeland Security folks have the skills to detect new attacks, or the ability to inform industry of attack or what of to do [should one occur]. It seems quite sad that we don't even know how to deal with worms and viruses that are months to years old, like Conficker.

There should certainly be a Wikipedia-like site for security professionals to turn to for proven, tested remedies and suggestions. Is there such a site? How do security folks in the vanguard communicate with one another? Are there anti-trust issues that need to be resolved to allow folks to work together? 

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