Voices: McMillan & Weiner

Boilers as fast as fast can be

Optimizing steam production using waste fuel depends as much on accurate flow measurement as on complex algorithms.

By Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner
Oct 14, 2016

*Greg*: The key to how well a steam system can do its job depends heavily upon boiler response. Steam header pressure controllers can be properly tuned for fast response, and use feedforward signals and half decouplers to minimize disruptions in a header and between headers from large changes in steam usage and generation by production units. The deadtime in these header loops is often a matter of a few seconds, largely coming from the control valve response time. Ultimately, how much you can reduce the cost of steam (how well you can maximize use of waste fuels, minimize use of purchased fuels, maximize use of steam from cogeneration units, and prevent venting steam) depends on how fast the boilers can respond.

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