Voices: McMillan & Weiner

Opening minds about controllers, part 1

Explore the full range of PID possibility before moving to model predictive control

By Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner
Jun 7, 2017

*Greg*: While essentially a PID guy, I have dabbled in small model predictive control (MPC) applications. I have learned to appreciate the capability of MPC to replace valve position control, to optimize processes and adapt virtual plants. Mark Darby, principal at CMiD Solutions and part-time lecturer at the University of Houston, greatly expanded my horizon on MPC in our column, “Model Predictive Control - Past, Present and Future” and subsequent columns with MPC experts in industry. Now a recent conversation has led to new columns. Mark is exceptional in that he also understands PID control to a great degree and has an open mind to the relative merits of PID and MPC.

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