Voices: McMillan & Weiner

Opening minds about controllers, part 2

Cases where it’s better or easier to use model predictive control instead of PID.

By Greg McMillan & Stan Weiner
Jul 10, 2017

*Greg*: In part 1, we started with a discussion of how to tune your PID with Mark Darby, principal at CMiD Solutions and part-time lecturer at the University of Houston, who also greatly expanded my horizon on model predictive control (MPC) in our column, “Model predictive control—past, present and future.” Here we discuss in more detail with Mark what MPC can do that PID could not do as well or as easily. Experts like Greg Shinskey and his protégé Sigifredo Nino can get extraordinarily more out a PID than the average user, particularly for challenging multivariable applications, as seen in “Distilled analysis of interaction” ISA Mentor Program resources, such as Michel Ruel, can also achieve much more with PID than most practitioners as seen in Michel’s many articles, starting for me with “Show me the money, part 1."

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