Voices: McMillan & Weiner

An ‘entitlement’ approach to continuous process control improvement

How Ascend Performance Materials chooses, prioritizes and performs improvement projects.

By Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner
Apr 17, 2017

*Greg*: During our process control improvement (PCI) initiative at Monsanto and Solutia, we developed a methodology that went from opportunity sizing to opportunity assessment, ending up with a list of opportunities prioritized based on cost and benefits. The ones involving just tuning or configuration were at the top. The ones with good benefits and capable of being done in a week were classified as “quick hits.” I had the pleasure of working with Bart Propst who was a very astute and enthusiastic supporter of the PCI effort at the Chocolate Bayou Plant in Texas. Bart is presently the process control leader of this plant for Ascend Performance Materials. It is reassuring to see how Bart has developed a practical and sustainable approach to PCI at a time when it seems industry is getting distracted from essential opportunities.

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