Voices: McMillan & Weiner

Getting the best APC team

How a large refinery is managing to maintain expertise in advanced process control

By Greg McMillan & Stan Weiner
Aug 8, 2017

*Greg*: I had the honor of serving on the AIChE Spring 2017 panel, “The Future of Advanced Process Control (APC),” organized by Mark Darby, our interviewee of the last two columns. Next to me on the panel was Vikash Sanghani, senior process control engineer and APC team leader at Chevron. Vikash has done a remarkable job of building a productive and growing APC team at a large refinery. He is capitalizing on a 22-year career at AspenTech, where he was a senior advisor taking care of clients in turnkey applications of APC in all different types of working environments, including manufacturing and chemical as well as refining, oil and gas. He always enjoyed the opportunities to raise the level of automation and to see the world working with different cultures. This gave him a perspective and wider understanding of challenging applications engaging the best professionals and making the most out of what software has to offer.

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