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The wireless standards road map

We sort through some of the alpha-numeric labels that will help you choose the right protocol for your particular applications.

By Ian Verhappen
May 20, 2015

Though we are not experiencing another round of "fieldbus wars" on the wireless front, a number of documents in the IEC family of standards and white papers discuss wireless as an important component of Industry 4.0. Like the fieldbus standards, each of the wireless standards is targeted to a particular industry or niche of industries. Most protocols, including fieldbus and wireless standards, follow the Open System Interconnect (OSI), ISO/IEC 7498-1 seven-layer model with the physical layer (Layer 1), data link layer (2) on through application layer (7), and in many cases, a user layer (8). To help you understand which standards have been developed for wireless sensor networks (WSN), below is a summary of each of the documents developed or in progress.

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