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Honeywell Safety Video

Now more than ever, plant safety is on the minds of plant managers. Honeywell's integrated approach to safety and security can help keep your people, plant and the environment safe.

By Honeywell

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An interview with Matrikon's Mike Brown

In this first ever ControlGlobal.com podcast, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses the state of process optimization and real time process management with one of the people who invented the discipline, Process Optimization Guru Mike Brown.


Podcast: An interview with Elpro Technologies' Graham Moss

Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses the state of wireless in industrial environments with Elpro’s general manager, Graham Moss, who has some interesting opinions about SP100, Wireless HART, the usefulness of mesh networking in process plants, and why he thinks it won't work.


ARC Benchmarking Consortium at Age 1

Hercules' Gary E. Lipson talks to CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, about his participation in ARC's Benchmarking Consortium in this "special to the web" podcast on ControlGlobal.com.


Interview with AquaSenors' President Bruce Bathurst

In another in ControlGlobal.com's series of podcast interviews, CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, interviews Bruce Bathurst about the company’s unique and innovative series of all-digital, fieldbus-equipped wet chemistry parametric sensors.


Podcast: The ARC Benchmarking Consortium

CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, interviews ARC's John Wason and Dick Hill on the state of the Benchmarking Consortium after the first two quarters of data has been received.


Interview with Transpara Inc.'s Michael Saucier

In this week's featured Podcast for the Process Automation Radio Network, CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, interviews founder and CEO of Transpara Inc., Michael Saucier, on the company’s first new product: a Visual KPI software application that delivers rich scorecard data and trends to mobile devices.


Talking alarm management with Eddie Habibi

PAS founder and CEO Eddie Habibi discusses ways to improve your alarm management system. Habibi’s newly released book fills a void in an area within the process industries that has been kept under wraps until now.


Who's gonna fill those shoes?

Walt Boyes, editor in chief of CONTROL magazine, is passionate about what has to be done in order to make sure the next generation of process automation professionals is ready to provide institutional knowledge when we've retired. Boyes describes what companies currently are doing, and what companies and process automation professionals can do to help avert the upcoming demographic disaster. – recorded June 14, 2006, at the Honeywell User Group Americas Symposium.


A discussion on wireless with David Kaufman

Kaufman has been heavily involved in SP100, ISA's wireless standard committee; in the HART Wireless Working Group, and in charting Honeywell's course to creating a process automation wireless system.


Talking MOLA with Thermo's David Faulkner

Walt Boyes revisits his old career at Texas Nuclear as he talks MOLA (moisture online analyzer) with David Faulkner, product manager with Thermo Electron Corp., the successor to the old Texas Nuclear.


Process optimization in oilfield production

Pavilion’s Matt Tormollen, and Halliburton’s Richard Ella, join Editor in Chief Walt Boyes in a conversation about the development of a complete virtual reality simulation model for optimizing oil fields for production.


Finesse introduces new bioreactor control OS

Walt Boyes talks with Larry West, executive vice president of California-based Finesse, LLC. Boyes and West discuss the introduction of TruBio, the first truly open configurable bioreactor control OS.


2006 AutomationXchange PAT Roundtable

Pfizer senior manager team leaders, Lou Pillai and Martin Warman, join the company’s director of process and technology global sourcing, Jeff Miller, in a discussion on PAT with our editors.


Suppliers are from Mars, System Integrators are from Venus

National Instruments' Jack Barber talks with Editor in Chief Walt Boyes about NI's Alliance Partner Program, what it means for suppliers to work with system integrators, and how both can benefit from the relationship.


Into the lion's den: Tata's interest in the U.S process automation market

Krishnakumar Nagarajan, head of plant automation solutions for the Engineering and Industrial Services practice of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), explains his company’s interest in penetrating the process automation market in the United States.


Open is as open does: Upgrade and migration for DCS the Foxboro way

Betty Naylor-McDevitt has worked her way up through both the technical and engineering and sales and marketing tracks at Foxboro to become one of the recognized experts on DCS systems, and the Foxboro I/A Series system in particular. As Marketing Director for Foxboro, she shares her view of upgrading, migration, and open systems with Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.


Why traditional automation marketing has to change

New to ControlGlobal.com is Automation Minute. In this videocast, Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes notes that suppliers who aren't thinking about new ways to work with their end users risk being steam rolled over by those that do. The Internet has given us the ability for this to happen, and what can happen usually does.


SCADA: Big changes – From telemtery to data to infomation management

SCADA is changing rapidly, and the end users agree. In this Automation Minute videocast, CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes notes that the technology is in fact highly volatile, with many challenges and changes coming in the next few years.


Yon on wireless

In this podcast for the Process Automation Radio Network, Dr. Gene Yon, president of Adaptive Instruments at Accutech, provides his perspective on industrial wireless to CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.


Foundation fieldbus – Working today, preparing for tomorrow

This presentation, offered as an exclusive podcast for the Process Automation Radio Network, explains how fieldbus is being used today in process automation applications, how it will be used in the future, and how the unique requirements of different projects are being met.