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Honeywell Safety Video

Now more than ever, plant safety is on the minds of plant managers. Honeywell's integrated approach to safety and security can help keep your people, plant and the environment safe.

By Honeywell

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2006 AutomationXchange PAT Roundtable

Pfizer senior manager team leaders, Lou Pillai and Martin Warman, join the company’s director of process and technology global sourcing, Jeff Miller, in a discussion on PAT with our editors.


A Quick Pause for Shameless Self-Congratulation, Podcast

Listen to Walt Boyes's January 2008 Editorial Column


A Willingness to Learn, Podcast

Listen to Jim Montague's March 2008 column, A Willingness to Learn


A discussion on wireless with David Kaufman

Kaufman has been heavily involved in SP100, ISA's wireless standard committee; in the HART Wireless Working Group, and in charting Honeywell's course to creating a process automation wireless system.


ALON USA boosts process safety, efficiency

This six-minute videocast shows how ALON USA’s Big Springs refinery is taking advantage of the latest Honeywell technologies—including wireless, integrated safety, efficiency and asset reliability.


ARC Benchmarking Consortium at Age 1

Hercules' Gary E. Lipson talks to CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, about his participation in ARC's Benchmarking Consortium in this "special to the web" podcast on ControlGlobal.com.


An interview with Matrikon's Mike Brown

In this first ever ControlGlobal.com podcast, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses the state of process optimization and real time process management with one of the people who invented the discipline, Process Optimization Guru Mike Brown.


Asish Ghosh on Process Safety

In This Edition of the Monthly Control/ARC Podcast Series, Walt Boyes and ARC's Asish Ghosh Talk About Process Safety and Why It Seems So Hard to Accomplish, Even After Years of Trying.


Automation Comes Alive Podcast

Listen to Jim Montague's November 2007 column, Automation Comes Alive


Back to Basics: DP Flow Measurement

Walt Boyes tells it like it is in Flow Measurement: Part One-- Differential Pressure Flow Measurement, another in our Back to Basics series.


Back to the Basics: Basics of Level Measurement

We've been measuring level since the days of the Pharaohs, so why is it still so hard? Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks about the basics of measuring level, and how to select the correct level technology for your applications.


Back to the Basics: PC Based Control

Re-visiting the Basics of Automation


Batch Manufacturing Methods & Advantages


Boyes talks turkey with User Group leadership

In this 11-minute video update, recorded during the 2007 Honeywell User Group Americas Symposium in Phoenix, CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses the evolving importance of user groups in our industry with Enterprise Products’ Randy Underwood and ExxonMobil’s Dave Otto, chair and co-chair, respectively, of the Honeywell User Group.


Building Simple Automation Software

Design HMI software to work with Legos?


Calibrate This—Electronically, Podcast

Listen to Dan Hebert's February 2008 column Calibrate This—Electronically.


Calibration Practices

Watch This Video and Find Out What Control Learned After Surveying Its Readership About Their Calibration Practices


Control FutureCast: Batch Automation

Where's the batch? ISA88 was the first attempt to create a manufacturing language. Walt Boyes talks about the direction ISA88 and ISA95 are taking and what the future holds for batch and hybrid manufacturing.


Control/ARC Podcast: Tom Fiske

Faking It Can Be A Good Thing. Control Executive Editor Jim Montague and ARC Senior Analyst Tom Fiske talk about the benefits of using sophisticated simulation software for plant design, control system checkout and employee training. The right simulation software can save millions of dollars, ease plant start-ups, improve plant safety and help the next generation of process operators develop their skills. Fiske says that, among other things, simulation software is the teaching tool perfectly in tune with the learning habits of the iPod and Wii generation.


Cybersecurity in Process Automation Systems