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Honeywell Safety Video

Now more than ever, plant safety is on the minds of plant managers. Honeywell's integrated approach to safety and security can help keep your people, plant and the environment safe.

By Honeywell

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Yon on wireless

In this podcast for the Process Automation Radio Network, Dr. Gene Yon, president of Adaptive Instruments at Accutech, provides his perspective on industrial wireless to CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes.


Yikes! Look out for that Chasm! Podcast

Listen to John Rezabek's December 2007 column, Yikes! Look out for that Chasm!


Wiki Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to navigate our Directory of Lost Companies Wiki


Why traditional automation marketing has to change

New to ControlGlobal.com is Automation Minute. In this videocast, Control Editor in Chief Walt Boyes notes that suppliers who aren't thinking about new ways to work with their end users risk being steam rolled over by those that do. The Internet has given us the ability for this to happen, and what can happen usually does.


Why are automation professionals the Rodney Dangerfields of high tech?

Automation Minute  In this Automation Minute videocast, CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes wonders why we as an industry don't get the respect we deserve. Afterall, we’ve been doing networking since before there was Ethernet and computers since before companies had IT departments.


Why are There Fewer Engineers Every Year?

Walt Boyes Reports on Why There are Fewer Engineers Every Year


Why Companies do Well?

Walt Boyes, Paula Hollywood and Wil Chin Discuss Companies' Performances in the Readers' Choice Awards 2007


Who's gonna fill those shoes?

Walt Boyes, editor in chief of CONTROL magazine, is passionate about what has to be done in order to make sure the next generation of process automation professionals is ready to provide institutional knowledge when we've retired. Boyes describes what companies currently are doing, and what companies and process automation professionals can do to help avert the upcoming demographic disaster. – recorded June 14, 2006, at the Honeywell User Group Americas Symposium.


What’s in a Name? Podcast

Listen to Walt Boyes's December 2007 column, What's in a Name?


What's it gonna take to make what we do visible?

KPIs, KPIs! If what we do as automation engineers is not visible to the financial management systems, it never happened! In this Automation Minute, CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes suggests picking projects that can show a step-change in performance and profitability, and not ones that can be overwhelmed or hidden by G&A allocations.


What causes so many plant-to-enterprise integration projects to fail?

CONTROL Managing Editor Nancy Bartels tackles relationship issues inherent in plant-to-enterprise integration projects and says it's not the complex, knotty, technical problems, but rather the “squishy” skills that can make or break your project.


What About Wireless?


Waterford Township Water Treatmeant

Alexi Beck Gray Visits Waterford Township Department of Public Works and Learns How They Treat and Transport Water to Its Over Seventy-Four Thousand Residents


Watch Your Mouth, Podcast

Listen to Jim Montague's February 2008 column, Watch Your Mouth.


Walt Boyes interviews Dan North

North Predicts a Recession. What Would the Effects Be on the Economy, and on the Process Industries?


Videocast: OneWireless solutions

This brief video shows how companies such as Nucor Steel already are using OneWireless architecture to satisfy application needs in the most demanding of process environments.


Upgrading Control Systems

Find Out Why People Upgrade Control Systems and What the are the Best Ways to Do a System Migration


Trends in Manufacturing: Operations for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Watch this Video and Learn What the Challenges are in Sales for Manufacturing Operations


Top 10 and The Lost Companies

Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks about the most popular articles of 2007 on ControlGlobal.com, and why we built the Directory of Lost Companies wiki.


Tips for Identifying Counterfeits

To help users identify counterfeit devices, the alliance between U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American Council of Independent Labs (ACIL) has drafted several recommendations. These tips include looking for and inspecting certification marks, checking for inferior packaging and/or missing parts or product information, and only buying from suppliers who are well known to you.