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Honeywell Safety Video

Now more than ever, plant safety is on the minds of plant managers. Honeywell's integrated approach to safety and security can help keep your people, plant and the environment safe.

By Honeywell

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Life on the Edge of the Idea Economy, Podcast

Listen to Keith Larson's February 2008 column, Life on the Edge of the Idea Economy.


Peter Terwiesch of ABB

Editor in Chief Walt Boyes, asks Peter Terwiesch, chief technology officer for ABB, how the foreseen recession could affect industries serving automation businesses, automation vendors, and automation end-users.


Industrial PC

Control's executive editor, Jim Montague, tries to answer some questions about the changing nature of industrial PCs and asks for readers to contribute their thoughts as well. Many industrial PCs no longer need the keyboard and screens of the past and can run in headless configurations on DIN rails, on boards and in chips. So how is it possible to define, write about and use them? Are the enclosure-based PCs of the past still useful? All these questions prompted a variety of answers.


Professional Development with Dick Hill

We Have Candidates for the Hall of Fame, but for How Long?


Top 10 and The Lost Companies

Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks about the most popular articles of 2007 on ControlGlobal.com, and why we built the Directory of Lost Companies wiki.


Calibration Practices

Watch This Video and Find Out What Control Learned After Surveying Its Readership About Their Calibration Practices


Tips for Identifying Counterfeits

To help users identify counterfeit devices, the alliance between U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American Council of Independent Labs (ACIL) has drafted several recommendations. These tips include looking for and inspecting certification marks, checking for inferior packaging and/or missing parts or product information, and only buying from suppliers who are well known to you.


Having A Career in Process Automation

Editor in Chief Walt Boyes talks with the 2008 inductees into the Process Automation Hall of Fame Vernon Trevathan, William M. Hawkins and Dale E Seborg. They talk about what it takes to have career in process automation.


Selling the Cool

Want kids to become automation engineers? Convince them the job is cool.


Walt Boyes interviews Dan North

North Predicts a Recession. What Would the Effects Be on the Economy, and on the Process Industries?


What About Wireless?


Back to the Basics: PC Based Control

Re-visiting the Basics of Automation


The New Web

Learn What Suggestions Bryan Singer has for Building a Reliable Ethernet Network


Why are There Fewer Engineers Every Year?

Walt Boyes Reports on Why There are Fewer Engineers Every Year


Upgrading Control Systems

Find Out Why People Upgrade Control Systems and What the are the Best Ways to Do a System Migration


PACs for Communications and Data Handling, Podcast

Listen to Dan Herbert's January 2008 Column, "PACs for Communications and Data Handling"


A Quick Pause for Shameless Self-Congratulation, Podcast

Listen to Walt Boyes's January 2008 Editorial Column


Why Companies do Well?

Walt Boyes, Paula Hollywood and Wil Chin Discuss Companies' Performances in the Readers' Choice Awards 2007


Trends in Manufacturing: Operations for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Watch this Video and Learn What the Challenges are in Sales for Manufacturing Operations


Pace Yourself, Podcast

Listen to Jim Montague's January 2008 Control Report Column