Voices: Rezabek

Is Modbus a cure for fieldbus woes?

A recent Schneider Electric presentation suggests that it might be. Or is that wishful thinking?

By John Rezabek, process control specialist, ISP Corp.
Jun 10, 2015

Fieldbus is too hard, so let's make Modbus easy! That's the message you might hear when reading Editor-in-Chief Paul Studebaker's update from the Schneider Electric Global Automation Conference, "The End of System Integration"). Schneider is the proprietor of all things Modicon, heritage creators of the nearly universal de facto standard of digital integration; now the company's Grant Le Sueur proposes that the popular 30-year old standard should become the fieldbus of the future. [Please note that I simply reported the session, it did not necessarily represent my position or that of Control, nor does this column. –Paul Studebaker]

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