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Make sure you can trust your diagnostic measuring tools

If you take credit for diagnostic coverage but have no programs or procedures in place to monitor the diagnostics, then your installed measuring tool might be giving you inaccurate numbers

By John Rezabek, process control specialist, ISP Corp.
Nov 11, 2015

When my son stopped over to help us with some chores around the house, he popped open the hood of his 2001 Toyota Corolla. I asked about his engine oil, and he informed me that it wasn't due for an oil change, and his low oil pressure indicator light wasn't coming on. Ah, the lowly oil pressure switch, which I was taught to interpret as "pull over now because your engine is about to self-destruct," is a lot to trust when you're on a limited income like my college-student son. When I pulled the Toyota's dip stick, it was completely clean. More than two quarts low, my son needed a reminder about using other "measurements and diagnostics."

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